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Andrew Brewster , United Kingdom
Scan with ClamAV (extended)

Dolphin Service Menus 77 comments

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Jun 18 2013
A small thing, but the file still includes the line 'version=2.5.5', which is confusing for version 2.5.7, as the KDialog box title bar includes the version number
It also doesn't display the full result of the scan, just 'Result' with a dotted line underneath. The log for the day, and the individual scan logs have the full details though. - Dec 01 2013
Well the autoinstall through Dolphin settings didn't work, for all the reasons outlined in the first few comments, but the manual way does, one I created the ClamScan folder for it to sit in

Thanks, it now works a treat - Jan 14 2012

by geflei

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Jan 28 2011

Dolphin Service Menus
by geobarrod

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9   Jan 11 2015