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No-Titlebar theme

Aurorae Themes 6 comments

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Oct 31 2017
Thanks for the reply! I'll definitely reply if I find something. - Jun 15 2016
Fantastic idea! Well done… I love it!

I was also wondering if you could suggest a good GTK theme? I'm using Breeze at the moment, but when maximised, it seems that there is a one-pixel gap between the top of the menus and the top of the screen. Hence, if I push my cursor to the top of the screen and click, I miss the menu [1]. In comparison, I can maximise Dolphin and push to the top of the screen to access the menus. I've also tried the Arc and Emacs themes, and both suffer from the same problem.

[1] - Jun 15 2016

Cursors 18 comments

by buda
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Oct 16 2015
Just a note to say 0.3 is still crashing system settings and cannot be selected in Plasma 5.6.4 (Arch Linux). - May 26 2016
Ah thanks. Perhaps there needs to be a separate archive for each so that `Get New Theme…` can install them without further user interaction?

However, I still can't get it to work. Both themes now show up in the System Settings now, but when I click on them to select, it crashes with "Segmentation fault (core dumped)". - Oct 17 2015
Love this! Great idea!

However, I'm having trouble upgrading to 0.3. I installed through the System Settings > Get New Theme… and nothing appears. Similarly, if I drop the directory into ~/.icon.

FWIW 0.2 worked fine. I also tried installing 0.3 in a new account, and it still didn't appear. I loved it previously, and it was my full-time theme. - Oct 16 2015
STDIN Plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions 94 comments

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Feb 08 2009
SVN trunk has support for ANSI colour escape codes, but this package (based on 0.2-workarounds) does not. Unfortunately trunk is buggy for me (doesn't work in panels), so I have to install this one too! - Sep 10 2014
I was having trouble with vertical alignment when this plasmoid was in a horizontal panel. The text would half disappear off the bottom.

A workaround is to make sure that:
Appearence [sic] > Background > No Background.

Any of the other two settings, and the vertical alignment is broken.

(You'll need to restart KDE for it to be fixed.) - Apr 12 2014