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Luca Farsi Mayaguez, Puerto Rico
ColorSpin Widescreen (Color changer)

Wallpaper Other by edren 15 comments

well umm i tried switching to metacity as my window manager but the same problem happened... i don't know... your other wallpaper, alldaylong, worked perfectly fine if that means anything. - Jan 13 2009
ColorSpin Widescreen (Color changer)

Wallpaper Other by edren 15 comments

it's a great wallpaper, i really like it, but... when i put it on the processor spikes to about 30%, the icons on the notification area flash, and everything is slower... were it not so incredibly heavy i would use it, see if it's a problem or something... i think you should try to fix it. - Jan 13 2009
hehe, ironic how most of the theme is INSIDE a box (yes i know it's a crappy ASCII computer case, i'm not sure how to make it better, suggestions would be appreciated though), anyway, thanks! hehe pretty good feedback for my first submission ;) - Dec 24 2008
yeah the idea popped into my head and i thought it was original, that's what i was going for... original :) thanks, glad you liked it. - Dec 21 2008
Green Apparatus

Cursors by jmariani 20 comments

it's an awesome cursor i love it, just one thing, when it's loading (not cursor+loading, when the little circle (only) appears in the default cursor) the mouse moves to the left and appears on the right, evidently something is wrong with the framecount (not sure you how make mouse themes but you know what i mean)
if you fix this it will be like the best cursor i've seen - Nov 30 2008