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Jun 26 2009
ok! When I mark the 2nd option, the 1st gets marked too! Is that normal?

Thanks dude, your help is being really appreciated! - Jun 26 2009
Is it the 3rd option in Bar Behaviour?

thanks in advance - Jun 26 2009
Dude, I've finished my awn personalization! It's pretty cool, I've used those icons and it's great! Jus one more thing: Do you know any way to keep it below maximize windows? Like, when you open firefox, you can't see the bottom of the page!

Do you know any way to fix that?

- Jun 26 2009


I've put some already and I put the dock on the left! It's pretty cool! Thanks dude - Jun 26 2009
WOW! I have to open all apps and then change the icon! See you next month =)

In the awn's preferences there's an option that says "active icon"! Does it has something to do with that?

thanks anyway - Jun 26 2009
Hi again =)

I downloaded your iconset and I have a question!

See, I open awn and in the dock apppears a firefox icon (I have it open). I right-click on it and click on "change icon" and then choose the "firefox.png" file that is in your packages. But when I open the terminal (e.g) it appears it a different icon, and I have to do the same as I said before (right-click on it, change icon, and choose the icon)

My question is: Is there any way that allows me to set your "iconset" as the default for awn, like when you change the icons in Preferences->Appearance? I mean, every time I open a program it appears already with the icon that "belongs" to your iconset.

Thanks anyway!

Voted good! - Jun 26 2009

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Jun 25 2009

I haven´t tried it yet, but when I did it, I´ll let you know

=) - Jun 23 2009

I update my awn, and now I'm using awn 3.3

Now I have to install the applets!

I've seen your others uploads, and I think you explain it on yours of yours uploads!

Thanks a lot for all of us!

That's why I choose using ubuntu - a huge community that is always there for us =)

thanks very much dude, I'm really appreciated

Keep with the good work!
- Jun 22 2009
God I'm freaking out! =)

Does the version matters? I'm using awn 0.2.1 on ubuntu hardy

I thought that it was a theme for awn!

here is a screenshot with what appears when I open gconf-editor:

If anyone could help me, I would be very appreciated! If you can't help, never mind. I'll look around...

Thanks anyway
- Jun 22 2009
I went to gconf-editor like you said, but after open the "folder" bar, in avant-window-navigator, where am I supposed to "write" that expand bar that you mentioned?

sorry, I am a newbie =) - Jun 22 2009

I think it is great!

By the way, what is the name of that "dock" (I don't know if we can call it dock) that appears at the bottom of your screenshot shot!

Great theme, anyway

Voted good, and keep on with the good working! - Jun 22 2009

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by metak
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Sep 08 2009
Thanks for posting the wallpaper! I Love it and all the theme!

Voted good!

- May 27 2009
Your theme is pretty cool!
I was wondering apretty coolbout your wallpaper!
The link to the wallpaper is dead. Do you mind upload it again?!

- May 23 2009
Grass Panel 52

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Apr 02 2009
Hi! It´s pretty good!

BTW, what is your icons theme? I like your Pidgin´s icon! - Apr 02 2009
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Mar 26 2009
Thank you!
It´s my first work, so I´m glad you like it! - Mar 23 2009
Thank you!
I'm glad you like it! - Mar 23 2009