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warley alex sete lagoas, Brazil
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Bootsplash Various
Linux XP - bootsplash

Bootsplash Various 25 comments

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Sep 29 2007
i love to creat clones, when after everything is perfect, i simply destroyed my creatures.

i don\'t know but i will find if i can restore this bootsplash script or recreat and post.

i have created a Windows XP almost 100% like Windows XP, with desktop, menu, bootsplash, etc. that scares linux users, but i think i formated my HD without backup.

I backup my HD but the script is mind yet. If i find.... OK - Jan 15 2009
UAU, uau, uau
I put the the bootsplash just to see the comments and after 6 months:
I don't now where my bootsaplsh scripts are, i will look for somewhere to put them here. You Linuxers, endeed you love my winxp bootsplash!

i love you
- Apr 12 2008
Everybody hates my project. I just put a bootsplash to feel the Linuxers' expectatress.

It's funny, people just hate my project, vote in Low Rated BUT download the bootsplash to see, they desire. People are begging to me to release the full project.
One last thing: "My cousin just cry when saw my linux desktop", he wanted steal my hd just to clone, fortunately my logon screen "also like WinXP", the security is based in unix. - Oct 26 2007
There's something that I didn't mention. I Am Not a Lawyer, I Am morally corrupt. I'm not to argue the merits of the GLP, patents claims.
I must say, I'm quit upset, I might have to contact my lawyer to do this... or that, I'm getting sick.
Vote "Good". I'll release the package as soon as i finish all the modules. - Oct 01 2007
I put just a screenshot to feel the expectatives, the rated.
The bootsplash script effect is ready, but won't release this package separatedely - because all others modules in my project (Winxp Logon, Start Menu, Control Panel) are not 99% WinXP identical yet. Besides, there are some little bugs, i like things working perfectly like XP. When I finish this modules, i will release them to evaluate.
- Sep 30 2007
About my creature
1 - knowledge - I learn some debugging in low level with native linux binaries;
2 - to fool others users: Microsoft and
linux users;
3 - some kinda stable Windows;
4 - I'm addict in XP;
5 - I'm not a normal person; - Sep 29 2007
Linux users couldn’t find the XP likes bootsplash yet. Linux users to customize their desktop use splashy, I hate splashy, because the effect of bootsplash is ugly like bootsplash package, think about the Windows XP logo, i have to do thousands of boots just to test. I love cracked things. - Sep 29 2007
The big problem is this:
In my project "Linux XP" - everything is identical Win XP.
This includes Microsoft Logo, just to have fun.

You put bad because the Logo, but the effects of this bootsplash is really cool.
- Sep 29 2007
Linux XP II

KDE Plasma Screenshots 4 comments

Score 50.0%
Sep 28 2007
Hi there, my project is steady. i need some help to continue, to become identical like XP. In Windows Xp logon, when the user successful log in, shows a effect like "Welcome to ..." and moves the icon- this effect is beautiful, but i don´t just get how to imitate this effect il Linux.

Any tips? - Dec 04 2007
In my opinion, the Linux logon is ugly, Users try to customize but the quality and functionality, is almost the same thing - is weak. Do you know a Linux logon that are identical Winxp? Any Tips? - Oct 26 2007
Linux XP

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Sep 23 2007
The eXperience is just a theme that imitates the icons of XP, nothing more this. Im my project, is a real XP - the icons, logon, bootsplash, explorer, dialog box are identical. Experince is dialog is not identical. - Oct 26 2007
eXperience theme is very ugly!
this screenshot is just one package inside a module of my project - this is not a "eXperince theme" is beyond that. I really like the classic start menu, the ease management, you access start menu like windows 95/98/2000/XP. On the other hand, the default WinXP start menu is very confuse, uncomfortable, divided in groups, i hate this style.
- Sep 30 2007
I'm really sorry - something must be missing -

I made this just fool. In my project, everything is at least 99% identical. - Sep 29 2007