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Richard Richard , Canada
Abstract GDM

GDM Themes 8 comments

by Dav87
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Nov 29 2008
Your first screenshot shows a green and a brown version of this gdm theme, are they available yet? I'd really like the green one. Thanks. - Nov 27 2008
HOW-TO install

Cursors 15 comments

by jev
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Aug 03 2004
too bad this is gnome-look and not kde-look :P - Jul 12 2006

GDM Themes 16 comments

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Jul 22 2006
I do like the changes. It looks more professional, and it probably won't attract newblet 13 year olds. hahaha. - Jul 12 2006
Yeah, definitely change the buttons. The style looks good, but I couldn't help at laughing at the "ASL" thing... it seems too AOL. :P - Jul 11 2006
klear_kweather weather icons

Icon Sub-Sets 12 comments

Score 58.6%
Jan 08 2007
aww crap. I didn't see your updated comment until I posted mine. :\ - Jul 08 2006
I agree with the first comment. You could maybe draw tiny ice cubes or somethign for hail. That's all I can think of. - Jul 08 2006
Black \'n Withe

KDE 3.5 Themes 2 comments

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Feb 18 2006
Where do I get the icons from? It's a pretty cool looking theme, but it's just not the same without the icons. - Jul 07 2006

Various Games 4 comments

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Nov 27 2004
Dr. Konqi is a KDE feature that will pop up and inform you when a program crashes. If you want to disable it, start the application with a "--nocrashhandler" switch or set your KDE_DEBUG environment variable to true. [source:] - Jul 03 2006

Various Games 10 comments

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Dec 07 2005
I was going to download this, but I ended up reading the comments and I went on the KSudoku side. Your program looks alright, but it was the arrows beside the boxes that turned me off of it.

Please don't be offended that I went with KSudoku, when making a program, there should only be 2 things that you get of it:

1) you learned something new
2) you had a fun time creating the app

All the rest come as bonuses. - Feb 07 2006
Rolling Olive (6 color schemes)

Amarok Themes 6 comments

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Jul 29 2005
Awesome theme, but when I installed the pink one, it changed the window (the parts that weren't pink) to navy blue, and nothing will switch it back. - Aug 09 2005

Karamba & Superkaramba 1 comment

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Jul 26 2005
TYPO: "Delte" should be "Delete". Nothing major. I'm just a grammar snob. Cool widget, though. :) - Aug 08 2005

Karamba & Superkaramba 66 comments

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Sep 20 2005
Awesome idea, they need one for Gaim! - Aug 06 2005