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Ai Themes

GTK3 Themes by facecolor 16 comments

Bom trabalho. Por favor, poderia traduzir também para o inglês? Obrigado.
Great job. Could you please translate the description it also into English? Thank you. - Aug 19 2018
Obsidian Icon Theme

Full Icon Themes by madmaxms 221 comments

Greatest icon theme. For perfect integration if KDE in Manjaro, copy the all arquives in the folder "places 16" in the Breath icon theme (usr/share/icons/Breath/places/16) to "places 16" in Obsidian icon theme (.local/share/icons/Obsidian-green/places/16), and inclued the KFaenza in "index.theme". The line "Inherits=Obsidian" to "Inherits=Obsidian,KFaenza" and install KFaenza. 100% perfect in the KDE. - Jul 07 2017