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Pablo Cholaky Santiago, Chile
Audio/Video/Image/Text/ISO Convert

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Jan 05 2017
Hi there marc! Long time!

You are fetching translations from internet with curl and you are using gawk, is not by default on systems like Ubuntu.

You should check if gawk or curl is installed, because i have a lot of ./avconvert: line 1284: gawk: command not found
./avconvert: line 1284: curl: command not found

Thanks and good luck! - Mar 13 2010
Nothing... i cant find it

Maybe you should check first it..

Ex: If 'exist /usr/share/zenity/' try fix - Oct 14 2009
Im using gentoo and i havent file and i must set zenityfix=off for avoid this message.

Now works fine, thanks! - Oct 14 2009
Sorry... but i using elinks instead links because is a "best links"

Can you add links OR elinks? Elinks is links compatible, so, the code is the same

Thanks! - Oct 14 2009
tinypic uploader

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May 21 2010
I just love it - Oct 14 2009