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Kyle Bradfield
Buuf Deuce KDE

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Feb 01 2010
Thanks, I didn't know that Aya followed the system color scheme. - May 19 2009
Love it! Just like the screenshot, it goes perfectly with Reluna Dekorator theme and QtCurve. I can't seem to find that plasma theme though... which one is it? - May 19 2009
Buuf for KDE (KDE 3)

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Oct 22 2007
That would be greatly appreciated! I converted this to KDE4 using a conversion script. It's much better than trying to use the KDE3 package, but there are still many icons missing. This is one of the top icon themes here, and I think most people have probably switched to KDE4 by now, so a native KDE4 theme would be awesome. Thanks for all the hard work! - May 01 2009
Here's what I ended up doing to make the folder icons work with KDE 4:

1. In the root directory of the icon theme, make a symlink called "scalable" that's linked to the 128x128 folder:

ln -s 128x128/ scalable

2. In each folder (128x128, 64x64, etc), copy the folder.png icon from places and paste into the mimetypes folder. Then rename it to inode-directory.png

3. Add the following to the end of the index.theme file:




Type=Threshold - Jan 15 2009
Also, the folder icons in kde 4 are expected to be svg format. Since this icon package does not include svg icons, it uses the ones from Oxygen. I'm not sure if there is a way to disable svg icons and force it to use the png icons. Anybody know? - Dec 03 2008
It looks like dolphin and konqueror are using the folder icon from the "Places" category instead of the one from "Filesystems", which is where the Buuf icons are. - Jul 30 2008
I'm loving the icons. The only problem I've had is that the Oxygen folder icons were not replaced with the Buuf folder icons. I'm running vanilla kde 4.1. The same is true for other icon sets also, and I can't figure out how to manually change the folder icon. Anyone know? - Jul 30 2008
Buuf Deuce KDE

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by Shirakawasuna

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Jun 05 2009
Z X City

KDM4 Themes
by starwolf

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