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Sep 24 2005
I like it,
refreshing :) - Sep 24 2005

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Sep 19 2005
I've made a funky theme with yellows, greens, oranges and violets.
It's beem called "Bunt By The Sun".
When it's been finished, my hard drive has turned to ashes.
Burnt by the sun ;( - Sep 20 2005
good idea, thanks! - Sep 20 2005
New icon theme preview is available :-) - Sep 20 2005
I've done some changes to it, but havn't uploaded it yet
the old version is outdated, so it's removed
you can expect new preview soon :) - Sep 20 2005
I'll deal with this. - Sep 18 2005
Thank you! - Sep 16 2005

my mistake, changed the pixmap but forgot to change the borders,

fooly me :) - Feb 09 2005
:D - Feb 03 2005
I am :D

The scrollbars are finished yet. - Feb 02 2005
As a matter of fact I burnished a lot of widgets, so they are a bit shiny (maybe not glass/liquid but metal),

but did you try 0.3 version of Otcrop? - Jan 25 2005
There is a work around,
comment out the fg[PRELIGHT] in style "default" :)

I'm just wondering, which version looks better.. - Jan 22 2005
I'm sorry, English is not my strong point,
so please specify:

1. Did you mean the pressed button (that's the only element that turns to grey when active)

2. flashy glassy color ?? I don't dig it.

remain - Jan 22 2005
u're lucky, the check buttons (so as the option ones) are to be completely redrawn :) - Jan 20 2005
If you meant, that there is no trough under the progress sider, then I must say:
"It's a feature, this theme just looks like that, it was intended"

If I missuderstood you, please explain again or show me a screenshot. - Jan 20 2005
Ok, I'll confess.
Those scrollbars (0.1) so as the check and radio buttons, have been a part of my other, never published theme.
That's the reason of the confusion.

I've uploaded Outcrop, when it was not ready -- and have made new scrollbars in a hurry -- good shape, but wrong color sheme. - Jan 19 2005
I won't make the xfce theme I am afraid (hate learning :D), but the link would be handy -- just in case :) - Jan 19 2005
one more thing,
I also liked the dark scrollbar color more, but was (and still am) afraid, that it would be too contrast for 'Joe the user',
well I'll take a chance again :) - Jan 19 2005
My intention was not to make the scrollbars ligher, but to change them,
I'm not 100% satisfied too, so expect futher changes in scrollbar -- in certain direction :) - Jan 19 2005
Geez, thanks!
already fixed -- will upload immediately!

I am sorrry, but I've had nothing to do with xfce ever -- do not know how to make borders 4 xfce :(

but I'm glad u liked the theme :) - Jan 18 2005
already fixed :) - Jan 18 2005
oh no,
I am sorry -- my fault -- it should be called prerelease (0.0).

rename 'shadow-gap.png' to 'empty.png'

Thaks for info! - Jan 16 2005
I will :D

--thanks - Jan 15 2005
Hi Metin,
U've noticed same old problem of mine -- not too much light in prelight.
I'll do my best :)

Scrollbar is to be redrawn, as check/radio/spin buttons, handle and maybe tabs are.

Thanks for suggestions :) - Jan 15 2005
great shot -- as always.
How are you doing this ;) - Jan 15 2005
> I'm hoping the resource usage isn't too intensive

It should be I am afraid, for the theme is not optimized yet -- version 0.2 will be more resource friendly :) - Jan 14 2005
Now should be better :D - Jan 14 2005

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Dec 27 2004
'URW Gothic L' - Apr 17 2005
hey, that's gthumb :D - Jan 13 2005
he, he
thx - Jan 03 2005
sure :) - Dec 28 2004
very much!! - Dec 27 2004
some of them are fixed :) - Dec 09 2004

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Apr 23 2005
This is 'URW Gothic L' font - Apr 17 2005
The svg engine is distributed with librsvg

I've got debian version (2.8.1). - Dec 20 2004
Thank you, but don't know what to say,
I use the Firefox browser and don't have such a problem. - Dec 08 2004
but these lines have to stay there, it's about usability. - Dec 08 2004
Got some messages from users owning ~1GHz CPU based x86 boxes, having redrawing problems.
Got no problems with my Athlon 2400@2800 of course, but also have not any redrawing problems with my 333MHz UltraSparcII/2MB L2,
256MB RAM! - Dec 07 2004
I'm sill waiting for librsvg to be optimized (fassssterr!) - Dec 07 2004

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by Six
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Mar 08 2005
I'd say
very nice! - Feb 08 2005

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Jan 03 2005
These are not icons, these are activators.
You have to create them with e_util_eapp_edit tool (available in e17/apps/e_utils/ in cvs)

just type
e_util_eapp_edit NameOfTheActivator.eapp
and fill the dialog.

When you finish, coppy activators to the
~/.e/apps/engage/launcher/ and ~/.e/apps/engage/mapping/ directories.

That's all :)
have a fun! - Feb 08 2005
[quote my earlier comment]

This is engage -- Enlightenment Foundations Libraries (EFL) based app.

If you use Debian Sid, you are lucky:
add this source and 'apt-get install engage'
'deb testing main'
If your system is Gentoo, you are lucky to (but you will have to find out on your own what to do)


grab, compile and install almost all content of the lib directory from here:
'cvs login [ENTER]
cvs -z3 co e17'

then compile and install engage from here:
'cvs login [ENTER]
cvs -z3 co misc'

Compile and instal libraries in that order

Some other interesting stuff based on EFM

[/quote my earlier comment] - Jan 05 2005
he, he,
this is for something completely different,
so don't be scared, when you see it :D - Dec 20 2004
Shouldn't do that yet,
but.. eh, visit my website

and don't forget to report me your impressions :) - Dec 20 2004
no, it's not :(
it's too early yet,
but I'm working hard on it :) - Dec 16 2004
Good to hear that :)
This is What-Did-You-Do-With-His-Body icon set I'm working on. - Dec 14 2004
Thx! - Dec 01 2004
Ambidexter Amber

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Jan 29 2005
sad byt true

great product in da ugly box :( - Jan 30 2005

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Jan 24 2005
Your themes are absolutely professional,
the details are finished and the integrity looks compact.

I belive Ghrome is the best of them :) - Jan 24 2005