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Vladimir Elisseev
KDEmod - KDE on steroids for Arch Linux

Various KDE Stuff by jazztyle 9 comments

Could you pls post some more details about kdepim-enterprise? Is it a set of patches or a separate branch? Would be nice if you point me to some useful links about that. - Nov 24 2007

Audio Apps by trisz 14 comments

Boys, could you stop please writing application using _scripting_ languages!? That's just _not_ normal. I can imagine that it's a good idea to write _some_ applications using scripting languages, like configuration managers and such, but programs which are running all the time in a kind of daemon mode... no way (IMO) :( - Nov 21 2007
Firstly, thank you for the great and consistent theme. I've been using this theme in the past for a long while, then I switched to standard kde plastik + gtk-qt. Today I tried qtcurve again and I would say it's really making progress. Just one note at the end of my post: I thought it's useful to have custom mouseover color for all elements, like plastik have. What you and all users think about that? - Oct 29 2007