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by vold
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Oct 14 2012
I know about dmidecode. But obtaining information from it will be excessive, because I have to include it as a dependency. The biggest problem of thinkpad_acpi info from syslog file is log rotating.

But thanks anyway! Maybe it's worth to include it as an option in configure flags. - Jul 12 2012
That's strange that you don't have term info. As I see /proc/acpi/ibm/thermal can be read from user.

To run this program you need root privileges. You may use sudo or make thinkctl suid. If you see unknown machine that means program can't obtain info from syslog file (I don't know where else I can get thinkpad model info).

Icons placed in /usr/share/thinkctl/icons. If you have problems with it, probably you've installed program in /usr/local. Just copy icon from /usr/local to /usr/. - Jul 12 2012
Thanks! I've fix that and uploaded new source. - Jul 11 2012
You're right, It doesn't use any third-party configs. All it does is just checks CPU, GPU and Northbridge and sets the fan level from Normal, Warning, or Critical levels. All settings are stored in .config directory.

TLP is interesting project. I have plans to add tp_smapi things in program, but I think other features must be implemented in powerdevil. I have added ability to control cpu frequency and gpu profiles because I wanted to choose between normal and silent fan noise level, not for AC/Battery modes.

> turn it into a KCM?
Sorry, but I don't want to stick it with kde, currently it depends only on Qt, which gives opportunity to run it in *box or even gnome. - Jul 10 2012

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by rub3nmv

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9   Nov 16 2011

Plasma Themes
by gomezhyuuga1

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