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Vincent Noel

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Jul 11 2005
this happens to me too, and you can trigger it by selecting "no hinting" in the font panel advanced preferences.

To workaround the bug, enable font hinting (I know, it sucks....) - Apr 08 2005

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Jun 30 2005
Ok, I found what triggers the bug : just disable the font hinting in the font preferences panel. Then the 1-pixel gap appears. If you enable font hinting, everything looks ok.

Just one more case of things not working with font hinting disabled... - Apr 06 2005
Well I didn't try to change the font size, this bug shows for me all the time using Bitstream Vera Sans at size 10. - Apr 04 2005
You can find a screenshot showing the problem here :

Look at the transition between the title bar and the rest of the window, to the left and right of the menu bar. There's a one-pixel offset somewhere.

I'm using clearlooks 0.5.1 (metacity) and 0.5 (gtk engine & theme), with gtk+ 2.6 from cvs and gnome 2.10 (more-or-less CVS). - Mar 31 2005
Yep, I'm seeing this too. If anyone knows how to get rid of this, please tell. - Mar 30 2005
Clearlooks is quickly becoming the best theme ever. The new usability features of 0.4 are just great.

Could one of the developers please take a look at bug #168897 :

It is about a gtk+ bug that leads certain themes (e.g. industrial, bluecurve and clearlooks) to render the menu bar applet incorrectly :

Themes can avoid this bug with a small modification of the gtkrc :

It would be cool if ClearLooks was not affected by the bug. - Mar 04 2005
I'm eagerly expecting the next release with half-rounded scrollbars. You should post betas somewhere :) Also, don't pay too much attention to user requests. Many good themes that were once great tried to accomodate everyone and became riddled with too many bells and whistles. The only way to ensure consistency is by staying true to your original design ideas.

Just FYI, your theme is being discussed on Gnome's development mailing list : - Feb 15 2005
The desktop you see in the screenshots is not the gnome desktop, but xfce (
You have to install xfce to get the same appearance. - Feb 15 2005
The desktop you see in the screenshots is not the gnome desktop, but xfce (
You have to install xfce to get the same appearance. - Feb 15 2005
Erase that, the new beta (1.9 m71s1) fixes the bug. It had nothing to do with Clearlooks :) - Jan 26 2005
Please also note that weird artifacts appear when you use openoffice 2.0 ( )
with this theme. Mostly, the menus all appear transparent. I know the 2.0 is still beta, but it's something to look for. - Jan 26 2005
Don't worry, this theme is easily one of the best around. Easily better than industrial (the buttons look much better IMO, and don't change size without explanation) and the very subtle colours and widget rounding make it look better than regular bluecurve.

Just one remark : I hope you'll keep the "simple" philosophy of clearlooks in future release - ie don't get carried away adding useless details everywhere :) It's already pretty much perfect as it is. The scrollbars are the only elements that don't "fit" with the rest of the theme. - Jan 24 2005
I love this theme, but I found a small bug : it makes evolution (the 2.2 series) crash - just open the calendar with a few tasks open, and it will crash. I don't the crash with any other theme. - Jan 21 2005
Also, please consider submitting this theme at I think your theme has a lot of potential, it looks very sleek and polished, much like plastik under kde, but is still fast. This is the kind of themes gnome needs. - Jan 19 2005
For example use the industrial metacity theme with clearlooks : the window border is gray (which is ok), but the title text appears in black with a black shadow. It's still readable, but it doesn't look very good. - Jan 18 2005
This is a very good theme, I especially like the Milk variation. Too bad you can't use it with most metacity themes though (the color of the window title is set to black and it clashes with the title shadow...)

I'm looking forward to your work on scrollbars. - Jan 18 2005

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by dhonn
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Jan 13 2005
This is a very good theme, reminds me of the "Royale" XP theme. Don't forget to post it also on - Jan 13 2005

Icon Sub-Sets 3 comments

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Dec 17 2004
This looks really really good. Nice and tidy, easy on the eyes, but the icons are still easy to distinguish. Very good.
I'm looking forward to updates. As you are aware, a few mimetypes are missing - the ones I would nominate as candidates would be :

* gnome-vfs-directory-visiting (should be easy to do, just copy gnome-vfs-directory-accept)
* gnome-mime-application-x-bzip-compressed-tar
* gnome-mime-text-xml
* gnome-unknown
* gnome-fs-trash-*
* gnome-fs-home

Also nautilus emblems and a computer icon would be nice.

Anyway, the theme looks very nice as it is ;-) - Dec 17 2004

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Oct 31 2004
Cool, thanks.

While I'm at it, another minor nitpick :

When you select something in a list, and then select something somewhere else (eg select an email in evolution and then highlight a part of the email text) the "inactive selection" is very hard to distinguish from the other items. See a screenshot here :

The selected item on the left list is hard to make out. A darker or more distinct color would help.

Cheers - Oct 22 2004
This theme is really nice, it takes industrial to a whole new level.
I especially like the new focus ring for text input fields -- it's unobstrusive and helps a lot visually.

However, now I'd like to see it everywhere I can enter text... For now the focus ring does not appear everywhere, e.g. :

- in evolution, on the "To:" line when you're writing an email
- in gossip, when you're typing a instant message to someone...
- in nautilus browser mode (I never use it, but hey) when you type an URL...

If you could fix these nitpicks it would improve consistency. Thanks for a great theme anyway :) - Oct 22 2004