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Vladimir Pavluk Tomsk, Akademgorodok, Russian Federation

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Jun 30 2008
You can try to send me xmms core file, if you have one.
Don't promise, but probably I could do something with that... - Jul 13 2008
So, first about your error message:

X Error: BadWindow (invalid Window parameter) 3
Major opcode: 18
Minor opcode: 0
Resource id: 0x2a00011

I've got it too (as well as I got it from many KDE apps when launching them from console), but it doesn't seem to hurt - at least for me everything runs flawlessly despite the message.
Considering the problem... well, I can't say something about it, as for me it runs smoothly (but I work under not just another distributive, but another OS). - Jul 04 2008
Well you see, I did it :)
Enjoy the feature :D - Jul 01 2008
thanks for your comments,
I'll try to fulfill your wishes.
I won't update very often, as I got a lot of other work :( - Jan 27 2006
My desktop is FreeBSD-powered, so I'm not really sure whether new version (XMMS-plugin) will work on linux.
But I hope it will, and it rather will as there is nothing system-specific in my program. - Jan 07 2006
I see no more possible improvements, so I think there will be no more updates unless I find out something with session manager, or someone will propose something to do with xmms_agent. :) - Nov 28 2005
The version is OK, I just updated the sources.
Sorry, I forgot to say, that after running admin/am_edit your should re-./configure and re-make. - Nov 27 2005
You can either run perl admin/am_edit from the sources directory, or get updated version of the source - Nov 27 2005
Oh, that is all I'd wanted to say, but didn't due time limits :)
As for me, XMMS and mpg123/play is all that could entirely suit my needs. - Nov 23 2005
Hmm... What is your preference?
If is noatun - it's too unstable (at least in port of KDE for my OS). - Nov 23 2005
black + white icons

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Oct 16 2006
I think they are fantastic :) - Nov 29 2005
XMMS Skin - SeaMaster

XMMS Skins 12 comments

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Nov 11 2005
I like this style! - Nov 29 2005