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Olivier Gauthier
only picture.don't think more!terminator

Wallpaper Other by lluct 14 comments

You should realize that this wallpaper incorporates elements from linux in its design ! Whereas all the pro-christian wallpapers I'we seen here have NOTHING to do with linux or KDE. I'm not saying I endorse or like it but there is a difference.

So, the standard is the same, for me anyway.

However I'm not sure the folks at KDE would be happy to be associated with such religious or political issues. - Dec 03 2003
Binary Clock

Karamba & Superkaramba by selan 12 comments

This is very cool ! and it looks great (without the frame and extra leds and... )

- Nov 18 2003
Double Trouble

Wallpaper Other by timbrown527 27 comments

This is no place for religious propaganda. This is a place about eye-candy for and related to KDE. Please don't post any stuff like this here.

However, it must be noted that 'scientists' don't have anything 'against' 'Christians'. It is just that religion (ANY religion) and science are two completly different things, and scientist consider them as such. The first deals with faith, and faith only, will the other uses observation and experimentation to formulate hypotheses about the way things work. Hypotheses can be tested, confronted with new data, and eventually refuted. Hypotheses that are not refutted will eventually make their way in what is called a theory: a complex of interrelated ideas about the causes of [insert you prefered scientific topic here]. An scientific hypothese must however be refutable. The existence of god as such is not a scientific hypothese, much less a theory: it cannot be refuted; i.e. there is no way to prove that god does not exist! It is something that you either accept or reject based on your own personnal beliefs. It as no place in science.

Moreover, arguments given by so-called 'scientific creationnists' indicate a clear misunderstanding of what the theory of evolution tells us and what it does not tell us. - Nov 18 2003