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Vitaly Korolev
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Numix Blue Remix

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Dec 09 2014
Now that's a bug and I noticed it too. I believe the problem is with the original Numix theme and I reported a bug: - Oct 28 2014
No bug. A new installation process. Please take a look at the readme file in the download. (I'll add a comment above as well.) This version doesn't change the main highlight color for the theme, but instead you need to change this color with GTK config tool. I might make a script later to automate this. - Oct 22 2014
Thanks for your feedback. Original Numix changed quite a bit since I made this mod. I'll release a new version based on the current version of Numix. - Oct 14 2014
Wow, I just discovered a bunch of Numix forks! Cool! - Sep 16 2013
That's a good idea. I'll set up it and update this post. Thanks!! - Sep 16 2013

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