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vishwajeet dusane Banglore, India
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Jun 04 2009
Thanks babu,
i m planning to add more animated effects in this along with some additional features - Jul 06 2009
This is wonderfull, Thanks a lot for for that. It is really cool to have ebuild for the application as well.

can you share that ebuild ? - Jun 16 2009
Thats really gr8, Just hold on for a week, next version i am going to release which is going to have Icon for an application as well.

BTW thats a lot for that rpm, I think for next version release i will need your help on the same. - Jun 15 2009
I have compiled same application for N810 (maemo), Arm9 and Windows mobile, it is running nice :)

Let me know anybody want that binary - Jun 06 2009
Thanks, and my apology, i am new to this forum so i was trying some editing option - Jun 06 2009
Thanks a lot

suggestions and comments can be used to improve this application in greater way

I am also trying this app to run on Arm9 board, maemo device and windows device, will let you know the results for the same
- Jun 02 2009

Graphic Apps 19 comments

by koral
Score 63.3%
Dec 08 2009
Thanks for such a fine application

I would like to use some of the components in my application as well ;)

- Jun 16 2009

System Software 10 comments

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Jun 02 2010
This is really useful tool for me.

keep up the good work, Thanks a lot for this tool - Jun 16 2009

Science 2 comments

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Oct 23 2009
This is the best tool so far i have seen,
keep up the good work man - Jun 04 2009