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Plasma Themes 57 comments

by ireko
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Aug 09 2008
Right click your desktop -> select "Desktop Setting" -> click "New Theme" -> then your kde should automatically show all the plasma theme from this website. Click the "Install" button beside the theme you want to install. - Aug 18 2008
Thanks for your reply.

However, the trainclock was no longer support. It has been removed. >_< - Jul 31 2008
Your digital clock is so funny. Where can I find it?

Thanks. - Jul 30 2008

Plasma Themes 262 comments

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Feb 14 2010
I have a stupid question....

From your preview, I can see that your Plasma is not horizontally fit to the screen. There are space in both end of the Plasma.

I have tried to apply your Plasma theme, but my Plasma were still fit to the screen.

How could I change my Plasma like yours? - May 22 2008