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Viranch Mehta , India
Plasma 4 Extensions
Enhanced Battery Monitor

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Dec 28 2013
I don't have the keyboard/mouse with a battery to test it out. If the remaining time doesn't bother you, you can use the default battery plasmoid. - Mar 27 2013
your patch is a "reverse" one. you probably did- "diff your_plasmoid original_plasmoid" - which is wrong, you always do "diff old new", ie, "diff original_plasmoid your_plasmoid". - Dec 25 2012
Thank you for thoroughly testing both versions of the plasmoid.

I just checked the release logs and realised that support for multiple batteries hasn't yet been shipped in 4.9.2, we'll probably do it in next release.

For the unofficial plasmoid, I will have to look into it. Thank you again for reporting the problem. - Oct 17 2012
The official plasmoid did not support multiple batteries for a couple of releases, but was fixed in 4.9.2. So please check if the official plasmoid in 4.9.2 works as expected. Since I don't have a computer with multiple batteries I can't test it myself. - Oct 16 2012
That's odd, does the official plasmoid have the same problem? - Oct 15 2012
Did you set the "Show info for each battery" configuration option? - Oct 15 2012
Well I'm no translation expert, not much idea (or time to research, no offense) on how to add custom translations. - Sep 30 2012
"Battery" shows a cumulative remaining time of all available batteries, so the info should be there only, not in individual battery[0-9]+ entries. If the remaining msec is 0 for you, I can't really do much about it (may be you can ask on plasma-devel mailing list) because all this plasmoid does is reads the value from there and converts it into "x hours and x mins". - Sep 30 2012
Well then its a KDE's backend problem, try upgrading to latest version of KDE to see if that fixes it. - Sep 29 2012
Don't worry, I myself am the maintainer of the upstream battery plasmoid, so this alternate version will be kept up-to-date :)
Still if you find any inconsistencies at any point, just leave a comment here and I'll get it done. - Sep 26 2012
Should be fixed now, let me know if any issues. - Sep 23 2012
For those who can't see remaining time, run "plasmaengineexplorer --engine powermanagement", expand the "Battery" item in the tree and check if there's a "Remaining msec" field and its value is non zero, should look like this: - Sep 16 2012
Well its working fine here. will check. try upgrading to latest KDE and let me know if that fixes it. - Sep 14 2012
Does the command "acpi" show the remaining time of the battery? - Sep 14 2012
Did you check the "show remaining time" option in plasmoid configuration? - Sep 14 2012