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Jan 03 2013
I found the bug and I will upload the new version later today. The exception handling routine I wrote was missing an exception class... - Mar 01 2012
You can run this ( and see if it produces output. If it does yield a string with information, then it is likely an issue or bug in the GUI code. If the aforementioned script fails, then the parsing code is faulty. - Feb 26 2012
The plasmoid runs fine on my 3 computers. I just deleted and reinstalled the kde-apps version and it still works. Unfortunately, this makes it harder to diagnose the problem. Since you have tried the script before, I assume that you still have a "python-kde4" package installed? What changed between when the plasmoid worked and now? - Feb 25 2012
Good idea, I actually get specific information about the disruption, so I can link to that. I guess implementing that will be part of my commute tomorrow! - Feb 14 2012
I have no current plans to integrate it with the public transport plugin. The goal was to make a very minimal interface, so that I can have a quick glance at when/if I need to leave for the train. The public transport project is free to "use" my code of course. The parsing code is separated (somewhat) from the GUI.

Thanks for pointing me to the API, that does look nice, and more convenient then parsing HTML code. Why I did not look for this, I do not know :) . I will actually get this in asap. - Feb 14 2012
Offering different translations is a good point/suggestion. I will have a look at the KDE mechanism for adding translations and implement this. - Feb 14 2012