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Jan 14 2006
You bring up a valid point about labeling people a certain way if they happen to be from a certain country. I agree with you on that. Nevertheless, nations have done some despicable things in history. To answer your question about slavery, I don't personally assume any responsibility, but I (and I think I speak for most Americans) feel that we have a collective responsibilty for it, which we try to address with various initiatives (a subject of much controversy here).

The point I wish to make is that this theme is harmless. Even if you disagree with the alert system, the theme can be used to point out how stupid it is, if you wish (it hasn't changed from elevated since I've authored it). However, it may be useful to local law enforcement agencies, Customs, Coast Guard, journalists, red cross workers, FEMA, hospitals, security firms, etc etc... The alert system was created mainly to alert goverment agencies that have a role to play when the level changes and to coordinate actions. They have certain procedures to follow... But even for the home user in West Virginia, surely having access to information, even information you think is bad, or stupid, can never be bad... The system is in place. What's wrong with a theme to display the current status for those who are interested? For those who are not, well, ignore it! To get rid of the system entirely, vote and appeal to your elected officials. The minute it is removed, this theme becomes irrelevant doesn't it? - Jan 24 2005
Read my reply again please. I was simply making an observation on the irony of your post. Perhaps it's a concept that's lost on you. You don't bear any personal responsibility for the past, but your country bears a collective responsibilty. Do you understand that one of the reasons you may express your opinions is due, in fact, to the same country you criticize so harshly? Why do you attack this theme? Because you disagree with the politics of the government that created the system behind it? Fine. For me, enough have downloaded this theme to justify its existence. In addition, it's not a "war-theme" as you implied in your original post, so allow me to point you to "kTerrorSpoof". I think you'll like it more... - Jan 24 2005
I see. So, since you have no need, nobody has any need. Right? - Jan 22 2005
I never thought I would live to see a german criticizing another country of starting too many wars... But, you are entitled to your opinion... - Jan 22 2005
The website only allows 3 images to be uploaded. So I uploaded the severe, guarded, and low ones... - Sep 16 2004
Thank you both for reporting this. I had neglected to add the error images, which are now in version 0.03. In addition, if SOAPpy is not available, then the DHS site is checked directly. Please let me know if you have any problems. - Sep 06 2004
It only makes you paranoid if you let it. Stop being weak minded. This theme is about being informed of the alert level, not if you agree with it or not. Don't like it? Ignore it. And even if you use kTerrorSpoof, you'll still know what the real alert level is... - Sep 03 2004
What arrogance! If it's useless to you, you shouldn't automatically assume it's useless to everyone. Do you work in law enforcement? Are you in charge of critical infrastructure? Probably not, or you might have a different opinion... Maybe there are journalists who'd like to know. Or doctors or pubic health officials. Or perhaps there are folks who just want to know what the level is for comedy value so they can laugh about it. Ever think of that, oh great judge of usefulness? Anyway, check out kTerrorSpoof if it's more your thing. It's really useful. - Sep 02 2004
If it's such garbage, why do you appear to be running the theme on the screenshot "Thanks" that you uploaded on 2004-09-01 ? Do you really believe that there isn't a signle person out there that might find this genuinely useful? - Sep 01 2004
Hi there! There has only been one update so far. It involved a fix due to changes made in the web service that the theme uses. All updates will be accompanied by some info in the changelog. You can then decide you'd like to get the latest version or not. - Sep 01 2004
You're sweeping generalization about Americans says much about you. But I wonder why the internal alert system of a foreign nation bothers you so much, eh? - Sep 01 2004
Thank you both for the encouragement. I'm working on some additional features for the next version, like email notification, etc... - Aug 31 2004
And you are the arbiter of what software helps people, huh? Brilliant. I think choice is good, and that folks are capable of deciding things for themselves. That is the TRUE nature of freedom... - Aug 30 2004
Lighten up. It's just a tool for those who DO want this information... - Aug 29 2004
nvidia thermal monitor

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Sep 05 2004
I would like to suggest that the theme check for the availability of the nvidia-settings program and then that the temperature attributes are supported. If either of these are not available then an error message or dialog could be given to the user with an explanation... Good idea for a theme! - Sep 11 2004

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Sep 01 2004
As the author of kTerrorAlert, I'd like to thank you for putting this out there. Now folks on both sides can pick which alert system they'd like! Isn't freedom of choice a wonderful thing? - Sep 02 2004