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Dec 26 2017
And for umount:
file iso-manager_addtoservicemenu.desktop
line 79
Exec=fuser -k %u; fusermount -u "$(ls "%u"|sed 's/.iso$//')"; rm -fr "$(ls "%u"|sed 's/.iso$//')"; kdialog --icon=/usr/share/icons/hicolor/512x512/apps/ks-media-opti cal-umount.png --title="Umount ISO Image" --passivepopup="[Finished]" - Jan 05 2014
best line:
fuseiso -p "$1" "${1%.iso}" - Jan 05 2014
Hi, can you fix the problem with directories/files with whitespaces?, only need to change the line of fuseiso on file line number 87, the correct is.

fuseiso -p "$1" "$(ls "$1"|sed 's/.iso$//')"

thanks - Jan 05 2014
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