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Matthew Stewart , United States of America
Karamba & Superkaramba
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Amarok XM Tuner

Amarok 1.x Scripts 3 comments

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Jun 24 2007
I have to prepopluate the playlist window, then right click on a song there...there in the right click menu is the XM tuner where I can start a stream.

Should appear as a menu item or in the playlists context on the right. do I tune channels greater than 299? There are many channels in the 300's that are great and available online. - Dec 31 2007
Aero AIO

Karamba & Superkaramba 342 comments

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May 17 2006
Ok, I know this is prob not the best place to ask, but I cant get Konqueror to download these (or any other) skz file. I have configured the file association in konq settings, but the mime type on the kde-look server seems incorrect or something.

Does anyone know how to get these to download instead of opening in a text editor?

Sad the Konq has trouble with files on KDE-Look... - Jan 11 2007
Old Tech

Karamba & Superkaramba 4 comments

by vetto
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Jan 06 2006
Take the supplied fonts and install them using Kcontrol -> System Administration -> Font Installer

That should do it.

Thanks for the comment - Dec 16 2006
It is a home-made combination of at least three digital art pieces...they are all heavily copywrited by their authors, so I cant give it out...sorry.

I like the "matrixy" feel but not as cookie cutter as most of those themes. - Jan 06 2006

Various Stuff 1 comment

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Apr 22 2006
Thanks, I did not know about how KDE picked the color to "colorize" with...

Your bg's look perfect...downloading now. - Aug 05 2006

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles 3 comments

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Jul 11 2006
can you post a kicker background?

I like this alot, not sure about the icons though...maybe "black and white" or similar would be better imho - Jul 17 2006

KDE Plasma Screenshots 3 comments

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Apr 23 2006
I cannot get the colors right...I LOVE your screenshot, but how do you get the menu bar green with the window background gray?

In the color config I cannot separate the two areas of the window to apply different colors.

Please post your color scheme and tell me how you configure QTcurve and Baghera to achieve that super look! - May 25 2006

Karamba & Superkaramba 12 comments

by vetto
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Mar 23 2006
Posted v0.2 and took down v0.3 until I can see what the error is. Very odd, I get the same problem installing the skz, but not the theme file it was created from. - Apr 02 2006
Look for the line in the theme file that references the and make sure that the path to that file is correct.

Glad you like it...subscribe to the content and watch for the next change. I am adding some stuff this weekend. - Mar 19 2006
Thanks for the comment!

The windeco is Crystal with the Vista Button theme in the Crystal windeco settings...(looks just like alphacube doesnt it...odd)
The buttons have mouse over glows (red for the close button :) )
The transparency is pseudo and looks great imo. - Feb 13 2006
In the Umicons vol4 pack I believe...if it is not there is is in one of the other umicon icon packs on Deviantart...not the ones here. (

There are a few more there as well. - Feb 13 2006
Umicons 2.0

Icon Sub-Sets 68 comments

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Oct 12 2003
Download fails? odd... there are the original sets 1-4 on deviantart by the original artist, Manhattan. He(she?) also did the Gant icons that are now everywhere.

This port is the one you want, it has all of them in one pack. - Feb 22 2006
The descrip says v2, but it looks like a compilation of v2 3 and 4 icon sets. What icon sets did you use? - Feb 12 2006
Supurb Icon set.

I know that the nautilus Firefox theme is based on umicon icons, does anyone know of a theme that uses these v2 icons? - Feb 11 2006
iRobot Marvin

Icon Sub-Sets 6 comments

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Jul 24 2007
Marvin is HHGTG, not iRobot...brain the size of planet - Feb 22 2006

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 2 comments

by vetto
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Feb 21 2006
umicon 1 thru 4 are on

The umicon 2.0 that is here on kde-look is a ported compilation I think. - Feb 22 2006

Various Plasma 5 Improvements 703 comments

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Dec 23 2019
ps reports:
kdesu -u root -- ksmoothdock -session 1014fd0e0d9000114057067700000084210017_1140573731_345


ksmoothdock -session 1014fd0e0d9000114057067700000084210017_1140573731_345676

obviously my user is "matt"

not sure if that helps - Feb 21 2006
me too. debian (kubuntu 5.10) kde 3.5

ps reports that it is running, but I cant access it (or even see it for that matter) - Feb 21 2006
My desktop

KDE Plasma Screenshots 1 comment

by metak
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Feb 21 2006
I like the way you used the black space in the wallpaper. - Feb 21 2006

Kbfx Startmenu 14 comments

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Aug 03 2005
You need to install the kbfx applet from and then add it to the kicker like any other applet.

If you look around you might find a distro packaged version (deb or rpm)...I had to complile from source. - Feb 21 2006
Kubuntu Kde 3.5.1

KDE Plasma Screenshots 1 comment

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Feb 21 2006
This should be under screenshots, not having said that, This is a great set of screen shots!

What are the themes and icons set used here? - Feb 21 2006

Wallpaper Other 4 comments

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Feb 20 2006
BTW, readers, if you are going to vote negative...say why! the artists and contributers cannot improve if there is no constructive feedback.

/rant - Feb 20 2006
Very good work. Keep it up. - Feb 20 2006
Beauty of Darkness

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles 36 comments

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Mar 14 2006
cynapses karamba theme...see ( - Feb 15 2006

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

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Jan 14 2006
Need larger image to vote on...? - Jan 16 2006
Gentoo - just emerge it

Wallpaper Other 18 comments

by Arnis
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Jan 02 2006
I agree with you troy...This site is linked and is essentially part of KDE (or at least part of the experience). I dont have a prob with nude pics on the is just that some places are not appropriate and I think that this is one of them...or at least a separate category not thumbnailed on the main page. - Jan 02 2006
agreed - Jan 02 2006

KDE 3.x Window Decorations 383 comments

by motyR
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Feb 20 2006
I cant compile or use the deb pkg, I am "missing" the kdelibs4 library...I have the 4:3.5 versions installed with KDE 3.5

should this work with 3.5? - Dec 25 2005
Ubuntu Lines - Transparent

Wallpapers Ubuntu 2 comments

by endy
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Oct 01 2005
This is superb. I love the lines on my gradient background. Keep it up! - Oct 05 2005
Ubuntu XMMS M0D

XMMS Skins 6 comments

by SoN1C
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Apr 20 2005
In skinning, I know it is customary to get the original creators permission and include that in the readme. Crediting the creator is usually not enough. (legally, I'm not sure) - Oct 05 2005
Periscopes and Radar

Wallpaper Other 4 comments

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Oct 01 2005
I am a submariner, I recognize this as a view looking up from the bridge seeing the scopes and the masthead the radar on top of the light mast? U.S. Subs have the radar on a separate mast. What Model did you use for this...and are there more renders? - Oct 02 2005