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Maarten de Boer , Netherlands
Yeh sure :) ... Send me a mail at

ventieldopje at gmail dot com :) - Jan 19 2010

Openbox Themes by ventieldopje 4 comments

Sorry i didn't know, in that case yes, her work is totally awesome. - Jan 26 2009
Aurora Mini

GTK2 Themes by Xanderoby 2 comments

Great theme, i wonder how you did that taskbar thingy for Pidgin, really like it! - Nov 07 2008

Utilities by ventieldopje 3 comments

Recall can be used at startup so it loads the last selected wallpaper. Check the manpages for more info. - May 23 2008

Various KDE Stuff by binner 59 comments

You probably never ran fedora I guess. My first linux experience was with openSuse 7.0 and I liked it, YaST is easy to use. But I don't use it anymore, I switched to fedora because it has much more updated packages. The current kernel I have is at a x86_64 right from the updates repo and of course because of the speed. I believe fedora is way faster then SuSE.

I took a look at the screenshots and of course its configurable but I don't like those fancy vista-ish menu's with search things flying around everywhere which slow down your system while indexing. They try to make it too easy, but that's my opinion.

I hope it'll exists for a long time though, it's a great distro for ppl who are new to linux or who ... just like it! - Aug 10 2007
gtk+ 2.0 Change Theme

Utilities by ventieldopje 2 comments

To be honest, I'm not the original author of this tool. But I agree it would be very useful (I'm using fluxbox now). - Aug 10 2007

Fluxbox Themes by chuutoy 2 comments

What terminal do you use? Zsh? I like it! - Aug 01 2007

GDM Themes by hoppus 2 comments

Could be more creative then just pull the logo of the net, place it in front of a blue background. Sorry but I don't like it. As you look at the website of puma now you'll see that they use these people on the stepping stone like thingies. You could easily make a GDM theme of that wich looks far more professional and creative, more puma like.

Just a thought, nothing personal ;) - Aug 01 2007