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TooButtons plugin for Pidgin

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Aug 09 2011
Happy New Year! - Dec 23 2010
TooBars plugin for Pidgin

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Aug 09 2011
I would be glad to use the standard system icons, but some just do not have icons in the system themes ( In early versions, wherever possible, some of them were used. But because of this approach, users are deprived of the opportunity to create their own icon themes, all the toolbar icons.
Pidgin uses, in addition to the system, and even its own set of icons (, which includes icons that just described, but no images.
You can create your own set of icons. Icons can be placed on the path /usr/share/pixmaps/pidgin/buttons, or ~/.purple/pixmaps/pidgin/buttons.

offtop: A couple of months ago, Google mutilated text search and image search, so I had to abandon it and move on, and now they have disfigured the Google translator miserable likeness Punto Switcher/gxneur. Why mutilate it is rare that you could make available for use? ??????? :( - Dec 22 2010
You need to install pidgin-dev and libpurple-dev first.
Good luck! - Nov 13 2010
Yes, i know about this bug.
Soon (hopefully) will be a new release and there this problem will be solved.
Thank you for your message! - Jun 23 2010
I may just add a plug-in a similar possibility. - May 16 2010
A! :)
Custom statuses in the status bar, I think, is not worth output it:) - May 16 2010
Maybe I have something not understood, but this plugin you can see the status for each account in the form of icons, as well as text, as well as change them. - May 16 2010
I will study this problem, I just do not like it when something happens on the computer without my knowledge, even if the window size. Therefore, this plug-in I did not set. :) - May 16 2010
Try start mystatusbox first, then - toobars.

(This plugin and thought (including) to replace the uncomfortable mystatusbox) - May 16 2010
Try to build from source. I see this problem, when i install deb-file which was generatitng with Pidgin 2.7 with Ubuntu 9.04 installed on system with Pidgin 2.6.6, but with Ubuntu 10.04. - May 16 2010
"Please install intltool."
:) - May 16 2010
I guess what could be a problem.
In the new version, which I hope will be released this week, it should not.
In general, the new version is a lot of code was rewritten, and the functional change - the status can be changed through the menu. Old bugs will not, but there will be new! : D
Thank you for your message! - May 10 2010
No, i don't forget it! And i rename this folder and so, and so...
Not does.

Hren with it, sooner or later they repaired it.
I thought that, why should I make Pidgin? I also have to write a Makefile for a plug-in, and this, as I understand it, can be done without Pidgin. - Mar 12 2010
Build Pidgin on the Guidelines is impossible in principle!
"Download into $PIDGIN_DEV_ROOT/win32-dev/gtk_2_0-2.14."
Maybe still worth then extract the file?
Maybe still worth then rename the directory in gtk_2_0?


But after that an error:
"xmlnode.c:35:27: error: libxml/parser.h: No such file or directory"

wtf? - Mar 11 2010
I must admit that this problem is not in my strength.
I'll wait better, while they repaired a simple way.
Too much time wasted on this. - Mar 09 2010
I must admit that this problem is not in my strength.
I'll wait better, while they repaired a simple way. - Mar 09 2010
I will try it
In the meantime, I wonder, those who wrote this page, tried at least once themselves understand what they have written, and make written? :)
A lot of unnecessary words, while not necessary :(
While I am trying to understand where to create the directory win32-dev/mingw ... - Mar 09 2010
Work over plugin continues.
Now i find, how to draw status icon and, i hope, in new version will be choice, what kind of status user want: with text label or with icon. - Jan 27 2010
Oh, no! I understand you, this idea was first, that come into my mind :)
I don't understand, what it works in Pidgin, how in Pidgin draw status icon! - Jan 19 2010
I don't understand, how to display status icons :(
Who can help me - mail to me please.
May be i return to this question later.
- Jan 18 2010
Clearlooks_with_a_cherry_on_top - border
Blended Crystal - icons - Dec 28 2009
No, this code not correct problem with inactive Add Buddy button :(
Now i know, why this problem have place.
In new release i fix it (i hope :)) - Dec 27 2009
ok, i rewrite function, that disabled Add Buddy button.
I don't want create new release with only one change.
If you want, you can change source code.
Simply put this code overwrite exist (start at line 177 of /src/toobars.c):

static void SetAddBuddyIcon (void)
struct _TooBars_interface *TB = &TooBars_interface;
gboolean flag;
PidginBuddyList *gtkblist = PIDGIN_BLIST (purple_get_blist ());
Debugging ("SetAddBuddyIcon");
flag = GTK_WIDGET_IS_SENSITIVE (gtk_item_factory_get_item (gtkblist->ift, N_("/Buddies/Add Buddy...")));
gtk_widget_set_sensitive (GTK_WIDGET (TB->AddBuddy_btn), flag);
if (flag) gtk_tool_item_set_tooltip_text (TB->AddBuddy_btn, _("Add Buddy"));
else gtk_tool_item_set_tooltip_text (TB->AddBuddy_btn, _("Service unavailable"));

Save; ./configure; make; sudo make install

Now state of this button depends only from state of menu item. Simple, quickly, easy :) - Dec 24 2009
Hm... I have any problem with this button before release, but i think, that i fix it :)

I smoke to this way after i up my wl-500w at home with transmission on board :)
- Dec 22 2009
May be, i think about it :)

While I don't know, what it make, but i study this question after find, why plugin segfault on any computers when user add (or enable) new account. - Dec 11 2009
Makefile created successfully!
You can try to trnslation! When done you can use "bash" to make all needed files to bulid binary file.

Your translation you can mail me on and i add it to main version of plugin.

Thank you! - Dec 10 2009
Pidgin 2.6.4 don't work :(
Bulid it from source yesterday with no errors, but program don't work.
It try to start, but destroy with error.
I will be waiting when 2.6.4 add to repository.
Now i work above possibility changing status per account. - Dec 10 2009
I don't testing plugin with Pidgin 2.6.4.
Now i try to build makefile. Translation don't work, XOTb TPECHu, but why - i don't know :(
After this i begin testing plugin with 2.6.4. - Dec 09 2009
I don't know, what create make-file :)
2 month ago i don't know about programming on C :)
When i do this work i use make file from Pidgin plugins sources.
If anybody write make file for this plugin, i would be very thankful.

Sorry for my english :(
- Dec 07 2009
А точно в ~/.purple/plugins нет поддиректорий, а есть только и PNG-шки?

Вариант - помести файл и 3 картинки в /usr/lib/pidgin

Или попробуй из src скомпилить, если так и не получится. - Dec 07 2009
WrapMenu plugin for Pidgin

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Aug 09 2011
Under what operating system is affected? - Aug 03 2010
Pidgin - suggestions

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Jan 24 2008
Sorry, i don't read your first comment and a think you made this pluggin :))) - Nov 24 2009
Are you finish your work?
Now i create plugin, which is added toolbar and statusbar to pidgin buddy list.
Can i see source code of your plugin? - Nov 24 2009
Blue turbulence

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