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Athurva Gore

Various Gnome Stuff by knipknap 6 comments

Actually, everything you mention there, including rounded corners, drop shadows, and gradients, is possible with the pixmap engine.

Take a look at BVC's alien theme, which shows how powerful this engine is; I personally know that the drop shadows, roundedness, and gradients are possible (I'm the one working on the Gentle GNOME theme that Gentleman refers to, and the theme is nearing completion.) Aside from tabs, this can be done. - Jan 19 2006

GTK2 Themes by pizzach 9 comments

Not rating it bad, just curious as to why you don't like buttons? - Dec 15 2005
Glass Icons Theme

Icon Sub-Sets by fosstux 165 comments

I really like the translucency of this icon set. Please finish it, it'd be great...

I also second the request for a version with black outlines instead of white; I think this would look better on a majority of wallpapers/gtk themes/background colors in file boxes. - Dec 07 2005