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I Love Gentoo! : Part 2

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by Vanya
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Oct 17 2004
first update when i add link to my page where all resolutions saved and the second was when sais me that "your page has exceeded its bandwidth limit" so i change link, that's all. - Oct 18 2004
hmm.. good idea! i can do something - Oct 14 2004
i can't convert bmp -> jpg without stripes in the left bottom corner, so PNG version (811 kb) with best quality is here: - Oct 14 2004
I started experiments with the first version (part 1), because there is too many lines for wallpaper. And this color combination blow me, that's it.

Sorry for English Language errors, i know they are here :) - Oct 13 2004
Sorry, now it's work.
Thanks for comment - Oct 13 2004