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Valorie Zimmerman Kent, United States of America
Breeze GRUB2 theme

GRUB Themes 34 comments

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Sep 13 2018
Hello, we were discussing using your Breeze grub2 theme for Kubuntu at the Randa sprint.
* - Jens of the VDG says it would be more breeze like that
* also solid color background from breeze color swath
* probably papergrey
* it should not fill the entire screen widthwise
* if there are more than 4 distros they should be positioned in a grid i.e. no scrollybars
* the elements should scale down the more stuff is there

Please write directly to Jens and/or the VDG. They can use your talent! - Sep 09 2015

Audioplayers 574 comments

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Aug 01 2011
I agree that this is a bug. Should you choose to take the time to file one, I'll gladly test and confirm. The quick way to file is from Help > Report Bug, which will automatically fill in most of the needed info about your system. - Sep 22 2010
CDs don't crash for me. for covers? You can choose that in a search, if you want -- but you certainly don't have to have a account for that to work.

Not sure where you got that idea, to be honest. What you need a account for is scrobbling, and a paid account for streams. That's it. - Sep 21 2010

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Sep 03 2011
Updated blog post about Kaudiocreator:

In short, now available as part of kdemultimedia; PPA no longer needed. - Sep 19 2010
Thanks to Apachelogger, package is now available at

To add the PPA: $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/beta

This will import the key. Update and then sudo apt-get install kaudiocreator

Audex is also available; somewhat of a fork of this wonderful program. Thanks so much to the programmer to porting to KDE4. I appreciate it very much! - Apr 17 2010

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May 03 2016
You might drop into the #Kubuntu-devel channel on Freenode and talk about any issues directly with the packagers / programmers there. For instance, I noticed that they commented on the lack of a .desktop file as part of the package.

Harald / Apachelogger is the one who did the packaging.
- Jun 15 2010
I asked the developers to package QtGain for Kubuntu so I can safely test it. Right now it is in and will soon be in the Maverick repos.

I hope this helps make this program more widely used and easier to use.

All the best, - Jun 14 2010

Amarok 2.x Scripts 19 comments

by kk7
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Dec 02 2008
Thanks for the reply, piemonkey. Thanks to you, I have found and read the FAQ.

It seems odd that it isn't on the website!

Thanks again, - May 20 2009
Googling around to figure out how to use this Amarok plugin, I've seen repeatedly: read the FAQ. But I can find it nowhere.

The help tab here takes me to a blank question form and asks me to create an account, which I did.

I still see no FAQ -- not on the homepage of the project, not here, and not anywhere else, either.

? - May 18 2009