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Valentine Sinitsyn Ekaterinburg, Russian Federation
Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements

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Apr 10 2011
You are welcome. Actually, the icon is not mine (I've taken it from, but it is in public domain. - May 31 2010

I've made an Arch Linux package for your program.

You can find it at

.desktop file and the icon are probably useful for general distribution, too. - May 28 2010

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Sep 28 2006
Are you sure you'v installed KNM correctly and you are not getting any of D-Bus errors?

As for me, KNM does every bit you've mentioned :) - May 30 2007
I guess it's a bug and should be fixed.
Please file it into Bugzilla. Thanks - Jan 11 2007
IMHO, you are absolutely right - I do hate KWallet's password dialog either. Unfortunately, a KDE app *should* store evrything sensible in the wallet - it's a kind of architecture requirement. It's annoying, I know and I'd prefer having KWalllet with no password, like Firefox's Password Manager. This "bug" should be addressed to KWallet developers - file a feature request on and ask them to make KWallet password optional or required only for certain apps or.. .whatever. - Nov 24 2006
I guess the real "minimum requirements" is NetworkManager>=0.6.2. Although D-BUS looks pretty old, it's worth trying to compile KNM on your platform. - Nov 10 2006
Alas, KWallet doesn't provide means to peek into it - it's opened automatically when you try to read something and it is now controlled by an app. - Sep 29 2006
Sure. First of all, loading a key from KWallet is now deferred until it's actually needed (i.e. no more entering your wallet password when KNetworkManager is starting). Tray icon is double-buffered so gears don't flick. Internally, we implement new code to keep networks in sync with storage and fixed numerous bugs. - Sep 28 2006
QtCurve (KDE4, KDE3, & Gtk2 Theme)

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Jan 16 2013
I see some of the options removed in 0.47 were reintroduced in 0.48. Is it also possible to re-introduce 'Fill used part of the slider' checkbox? I really dislike this filling and this keeps me from upgrading. - Mar 18 2007
Confirm- the problem is still here (I thought it would be fixed for 0.43). The things become somewhat better but progress bar still overflows its border. - Sep 26 2006

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Jun 27 2014
But it's still impossible to round, say, bottom-left corner only. - Nov 11 2006
Kima - kicker monitoring applet

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 360 comments

by kenws
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Aug 20 2007
I guess you need to tweak /etc/cpufreqd.conf to allow your non-root users access administrative interface. This is not difficult - you can find all the details in the man page. - Nov 01 2006
netConfWiz Mockup

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May 19 2006
It's nice that you support this idea.

I've mentioned NetworkManager since [for me] it seemed like a natural basis for this type of tool - if something is configuring my networks, it should be connected do dialogs where I enter configuration parameters. Btw, have you had a look at Gnome System Tools? they are very much like NM in design and they have a special module to store network-secific data. You can even find KDE interface to some of them in kde-admin module. - May 23 2006
Unless you just wish to learn how to program for KDE, I don't think it's a good idea. Today, KDE/Linux software lansacape is *highly* fragmented - there is no point to move this fragmentation further by creating just another app that do the same thing. If you really want to work on something useful, I suggest that you look at NetworkManager ( which, despite it's Gnomeish name is highly desktop (and distribution) neutral. If you are interested in KDE specifically, have a look at KNetworkManager (in kdereview module of KDE SVN) which is KDE interface for NetworkManager daemon developed by SUSE. Good luck! - May 20 2006

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Aug 23 2007
Okay, I was going to suggest you a ptch wich add a signal level to the tooltip, but I see you've already did it. Anyway, if you are interested in displaying not only link quality but bitrate and all in a good manner, post a message here please :)

Now I'd like to point out to some bugs
1. Updating status label changes the current selected item in Network listbox, thus making impossible to edit a network.

2. Scan dialog should be modal and there should be an Add button

3. It should be possible to use not only dhclient but dhcpcd too,

If you need help implementing these request, again, drop me a line

Nice work! - Mar 29 2006
CPU Info (with cpufreqd control module)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 4 comments

by Val
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Feb 20 2006
> not CPU-specific questions

Of course I meant CPUFreqd-specific :) - Mar 07 2006

Thanks for your comment.

>is it possible to split the updateinterval into separate ones for frequency and temperature?

No, a single timer controls all the readout, but it can be implemented.

(because temperature is not updatet here with an interval smaller than 2 sec)

>is it possibe to reserve a constand amount of space in the kicker?
(because when switching between 1,6 and 1,333 GHz the other icons are moving from left to right all the time)
Umm... Not yet, and it is somewhat harder to implement. The only way I see at a glance is to reserve a space for the applet according to longest line possible (hardly someone will have 10 000 MHz machine in near future).

Actually, this "general" (i.e. not CPU-specific questions) should be addressed to original cpuinfo developer. I'm only responsible for cpufreqd module. As for now, there are three different versions of cpuinfo and I think it's bad. So I'm going to contact original cpuinfo developer and ask him to integrate all these changes into his project. When this will be decided, we'll be able to move further and implement other things, including those you ask for :) - Mar 07 2006

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Oct 15 2005
Okay, I see. Thanks for an explanation. - Oct 12 2005
I vote for wpa_supplicant! :-) Don't think that it has too few cards supprted (especially because ndis_warapper is actualy a bunch of adapters ;-) but I know not so many networks without WPA. - Oct 12 2005
Nice to hear that NetGo is up again! :)

As for quickswitch, I suggest that it is better idea to integrate with hprofile ( Let me explain what I mean. As for now, NetGO uses ifconfig/route/iwconfig utilities to set up parameters and stores profile in its own files. Such setup will be lost after system reboot and every system alredy have a place where such settings are stored - /etc/rc.d or similiar. The idea is to make NetGo a frontend for console utility hprofile and let it manage profiles in accordance with distro's own settings system. - Oct 11 2005