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KXDocker with REAL Transparency

KXDocker 154 comments

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Apr 15 2006
Go on this way!!! - Jun 22 2005

Utilities 227 comments

by trueg
Score 83.3%
Jun 30 2010
THANK YOU! - Jun 13 2005

KDE 3.5 Themes 56 comments

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Sep 11 2006
... dotCURVE!!! Great job!
But I have only a request: please add an option to re-enable the not-centered tabs :) - Feb 13 2005

Video Apps 139 comments

by maldn
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Apr 21 2005
I just solved this problem, but i discovered another one.
To avoid this, edit src/konference_part/endpoint.cpp, add

#include <sstream>
#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

locate the ostringstream o line, and change it like:
ostringstream o;
o << setprecision(1) << GetCapabilities();
string mystring=o.str();
QString str(;

Then you should find an error in PIsDescendant function. I can't solve it :'( - Nov 09 2004

System Software 4 comments

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Nov 15 2004
Uhm... Maybe :)
Some KProbe functions are standard, cause it reads parameters from /proc and /sys. But others are only for Asus (like the led).
I think the temperature sensor and graph should work on all system which has that support (check if you have /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/THRM/temperature).
The CPU frequency scaling should works on all system that support the cpu speed scaling (check /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_setspeed). - Oct 13 2004
GDigital for KXDocker

KXDocker 5 comments

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Aug 07 2004
Good :)
You save my little brain to think. ^_^ - Aug 09 2004
Uhm... I haven't this error with Slack 9.1 and 10. Maybe some missing libraries in your distro?
kstandarddirs.h is a file included in kde libraries. Do you need something like "kde-devel" package? - Aug 07 2004
Soviet Arizona

Wallpaper Other 44 comments

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Jun 09 2004
Only a post to answer to natas12 and ruel24.
Please excuse me if i use that tone: here in Italy nowadays it's a joke to say "you're a communist", starting from TV...
I don't want to limit the other freedom of speech, but i only want to say that politic is strange, and so often times it is the starting point of disappoint. So: PEACE AND LOVE.
And moreover: make sex, no war! ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ - Jun 06 2004 are a communist!!!
Please make something artistic, and no politics. - Jun 06 2004
I'm Communism

Wallpaper Other 83 comments

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Jun 21 2004
If i post a Mussolini wallpaper:
1) there will be a great chaos
2) i'll find police under my home to take me to jail
But this is not the problem.
I'm here not to make politics or religious (there are other places to do it).
Simply posting such kind of things cause these flames. So take care of it next time you want to share this kind of art with someone else.
Am I asking so much to you?

PEACE AND LOVE - Jun 06 2004
How can we agree to such kind of uploads on!? When I browse this site, i'm looking for art, and not for politics.
Please remove this image.
Moreover, as you can see, you have started a big flame.
Use your phantasy and your graphics capability to make something better! - Jun 06 2004

Cursors 10 comments

by llom
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May 21 2004
This theme looks very nice. But i think that the xterm's balls have too space between them, so the xterm cursor looks too big. - May 16 2004

KDE Plasma Screenshots 7 comments

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Mar 27 2004
The picture is nice, the girl too ^_^
But this picture is not your idea: I saw it a long time ago... - Mar 27 2004