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Mario Volf Split, Croatia
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Minimal BURG Theme

Various Gnome Stuff 8 comments

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Aug 29 2010
Nevermind, I've solved it. It was my stupid mistake. Thank you for the replies. Do you maybe know how can I set the console framebuffer resolution with burg (like VGA=795 would do it in grub)? I can't find the answer anywhere. - Nov 14 2010
Thank you! Now I have new problem: all entries have Arch logo... - Nov 14 2010
I've extracted this theme to /boot/burg/themes but it doesn'r show in the theme menu (I can't set it as theme). What yould be causing this?? - Nov 14 2010

Full Icon Themes 12 comments

by III
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May 04 2010
I have one suggestion: it would be nice to have the system tray icons for applications like amarok, ktorrent etc. to resemble new monochrome KDE 4.5 icons. Just a suggestion ;) - Aug 18 2010

Be-Shell/Bespin 1662 comments

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Apr 25 2013
One more thing please: I've installed the last svn revision nad I have a problem with window borders of gtk applications, it is black. Is this a bug or...? - Aug 17 2010
How can I remove the link from the Xbar?
Thanks in advance. - Aug 17 2010

Be-Shell/Bespin 33 comments

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Jul 15 2010
Nevermind, I've figured it out. Just ignore the previous post ;) - Jul 21 2010
One question. As aleays with me not connected with this style, but you are always so helpful ;) Is it possible to remove the bespin border which goeas around the window? It is really annoying... - Jul 21 2010

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 35 comments

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Jun 09 2010
Ok, thanks. Sorry for bothering you. - Jun 27 2010
Ok, sorry. The look (color etc.) of location bar, dolphin buttons (how to remove the text)... - Jun 27 2010
Did you look at the screenshot? It doesn't look like one in your screenshot. My dolphin looks the same with or without calling your qss. So something is wrong... - Jun 27 2010
Just that you know I've done killall dolphin and used the staylesheet but I get this: - Jun 27 2010
Ok I've got the windows boreder, but the dolphin is not even similar to the one in the pic :(
And of course I've used the stylesheet you uploaded ;) - Jun 27 2010
uuuuuuuu, pretty colors... ;) - Jun 27 2010
I what file exactly do you mean that I add that line, in your bespin conf I downloaded or..? - Jun 27 2010
Can you please give me the configuration for the exact same bespin window border you have on the above screenshot. And then just tell me how to switch the buttons to the right side please ;) - Jun 25 2010

Wallpapers Slackware 5 comments

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Feb 12 2010
Thanks for the wallpapers, the're great. Just one question; what fonts are you using on them? ;) - Jun 02 2010
Murrine GTK+ Engine for Fedora

GTK2 Themes 26 comments

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Nov 11 2010
Thank you for this, it's great. Just one question: what icons are you using in the second screenshot on the panel (the grey ones)?? - May 24 2010

Amarok Themes 44 comments

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Mar 30 2010
It indeed is simple ;) Thanks once more :D - May 12 2010
I'm shooting questions on every single theme you've uploaded here :D How can I get the amarok layout you have in this screenshot (context, media sources tabs in the bottom)? I've copied the qss settings you've posted above and called amarok (amarok --stylesheet /home/me/Guistuff/kde/amarok/tabs.qss) but nothing changed. Enlighten me please! ;) - May 12 2010

deKorator Themes 47 comments

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Apr 23 2010
Sorry to be bothering you with this kind of questions, I hope that this is the last one ;) Do you maybe know how to change google chrome icon in task manager? I've replaced the icons in /usr/share/icons/hicolor, where chrome installs its icons in Arch, but this didn't do the trick. I don't know where else to look. Are you maybe familiar with this? - May 09 2010
That was exactly what I needed. I knew that it was a problem with the apps, but just wasn't sure on how to solve it. Thanks again ;) - May 08 2010
This maybe isn't the right place to ask this question, but on the other side you look like the right man to answer it, so here it goes; I use the bespin icons, but some apps, like Firefox, are not shown in the taskbar with the bespin icon, but the ugly blue globe (default icon I presume). Can this be solved? Thanks in advance ;) - May 08 2010
Is it possible in kde 4.4 to have only icons show in the task manager (not the name an icon of the open windows but just icons)? God I want the same desktop as seen on the screenshot so bad!! Can we just know did someone develop the new alternative for plasma or what?? - May 06 2010
Cheers mate ;) - May 06 2010
Could you please at least say what icon theme you're using?? - May 06 2010
This looks amazing!! What icon theme are you using?? This thing with the plasma alternative is not fair. Why wouldn't your friend share it with everyone? That is one of the great things of open source world. Tell him to shre the love ;) - May 05 2010
Ubuntu_lucid by Fabio

Beryl/Emerald Themes 4 comments

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Apr 02 2010
Thank you ;) - Apr 03 2010
Where can I find the wallpaper you're using on this screenshot? - Apr 03 2010

Full Icon Themes
by III

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Aug 20 2010

deKorator Themes
by TheRob

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May 08 2010
Minimal BURG Theme

Various Gnome Stuff
by jaminthorns

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9   Nov 14 2010