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Carlos Fernando Fragoso Barrera Mexico, Mexico
Wii Cursors

Cursors by purplemonkeyking 11 comments

I've been looking for something like this before ñ_ñ

THNX a lot man !!! - Mar 10 2009

Cursors by LinMax 6 comments

Wow pretty good man, it totally match with my actual RED&Black theme.

THNX - Nov 17 2008
Paranoid GDM

GDM Themes by Nopersona 9 comments

Nice GDM, i like very much specially that background like-wood and the shadow all around it.

Keep going that way - Sep 08 2008
Royale Vista II for emerald

Compiz Themes by dobee 11 comments

Really nice work, i love those small buttons for close, minimize, etc...

And the black color with that touch of shine gives a nice elegant windows decorator.

By the way, i have some ideas about a beryl-emerald theme, but how can i do one by my self???

THNX - Sep 01 2008
Alerta Naranja

Beryl/Emerald Themes by freax 6 comments

How can i create my own Beryl-Emerald Themes?

i have got some ideas and i dont know yet how to make then real.

THNX - Aug 27 2008
Alerta Naranja

Beryl/Emerald Themes by freax 6 comments

WoW, well its a change and a good one by the way; it isnt common to see themes with colors like orange or some others "live-colors".

THNX a lot.
- Aug 27 2008
Bug over Leaf

Wallpaper Other by fibrox 1 comment

I wonder how does this look like, dont know, you might upload an screenshot, so that we can see how it looks. - Aug 27 2008
Fresh Dark Gnome Theme

GTK2 Themes by freakcode 17 comments

I really like your theme, i love the no-borders.

i just cant wait for getting a new laptop, mine has not enought RAM (64MB) for ubuntu.
- Aug 27 2008