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VLC Song Tracker

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Jul 18 2017
Also, I have to activate it every time I open VLC. That's terrifically inconvenient - it trivializes the extension because 90% of the time I'll forget to activate it because it's a passive feature, not an active one. - Jan 10 2020
This doesn't work properly with the Media Library, which I use constantly.
I have to manually play a song in the ML for it to be recorded in the CSV file.
This does not happen if I make a Playlist. However, the ML is just a playlist in VLCs eyes, since it's a xspf file, so it should work. - Dec 31 2019
Time v3.2

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Sep 01 2018
I misread one of the folders as being luaintf instead of \lua\intf. It's now working as it should, thanks. - Sep 10 2019
I followed the instructions correctly. I selected the pattern [E]. I clicked Start. I played the video. The extension is not displaying the timestamp anywhere. - Sep 02 2019