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Thom Burrell
OSX-Tiger theme

GTK2 Themes by Lauri 81 comments

The beauty of an open system is that you can do what you like with it.

By your standards, Windowmaker should be be trashed because it dares to look like Open/Nextstep. Preposterous.

One of the issues the continues to plague the OS community is that there is in amazing amount of technical talent in the coding department and a whole lot of lacking in the UI department. The reason that OS X is a pleasant UI for so many is based on the amount of time, research and development dedicated to crafting it to be so (of course, large corporate pockets can afford that... as well as the focus groups to test them on). The flip side is that there are talented cats out there attempting to rectify that situation and honing their skills with themes is an excellent way of doing so.

And, while I'm nitpicking, I use both Macs and Linux systems at work. @ home, I run Linux on my laptops and OS X (hacked) as well as Server 2k8 on my workstation. The fact that I might like a, relatively, constant interface is not a desire for a knock off... it is to maximize workflow. Again, by your stance, I suppose that uniform key shortcuts (such as control-w) should never be used across platforms... after all, if I can control/command-w to close a window, I obviously should be using a Mac or a Wintel box and not Linux. Silliness.

I have a dock like app on all of my desktops for uniformity (and because I appreciate the function of the utility)... not because I want my box to "look" like OS X.

Get a hobby besides evangelism, man. It's tiresome and a real reason why people get annoyed with die hard "Linux users". Freedom is about choice, not about being a jerk. - Jan 11 2009