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May 05 2018
It is not possible to use Extensions in the "VLC source" of OBS (or I don't know how to do it). So you have to launch VLC separately to use it. - Sep 26 2019
No, I don't know how to activate a plugin, neither in the command line, nor in the OBS VLC extension - Dec 27 2018
There is no order, I don't know how to implement them - Nov 20 2018
You use VLC in OBS?
Um, unfortunately, it doesn't seem possible to activate an extension in this way

Lua scripts (like my extension) can only be activated by the GUI.

You have to launch VLC (standalone), activate the script. Then launch OBS (standalone) and read the texts (source GDI+)
The two software must work at the same time separately, sory.

If you discovered how to do it (in OBS) I would be interested too, thank you. - Sep 12 2018
To enable the script in VLC - Menu > View > Now Playing in texts (there is a small "checked" if it is enabled)
- Sep 10 2018
I added "np url.text" which contains the location of the file in URI format.
This should work, the URI is just a, more technical, alternative for location of a file. - May 05 2018
and now it's a official feature. Thank for the tip.
Note: the output file is called "np_radio.txt" because, except if you listen a web radio, is identical to "np_title.txt" - Apr 15 2018
The extension is not active by default.
To activate the extension, go to the Menu Bar > View > Now Playing in texts
A small check mark ✔ will appear if the extension is active. - Sep 11 2017
Transform your original file in a .mkv via MKVToolNix, then use MKVExtract
[Stop off topic / End of discussion] - Jun 20 2017
Oh, this.
No, sorry, I do not think it is possible.
(But if it's possible, it's way too much above my skills)
But if you wanted to retrieve chapters (for other usage), use MKVToolNix and MKVExtractGUI-2 - Jun 19 2017
Chapters? Are about Track Number? - Jun 18 2017
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