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Jonathan De Nil
Adwaita-X dark/light

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May 06 2013
Never mind, found it. Sorry for asking too quickly. - Jun 06 2012
Thanks for the hint! Where should I put this line exactly? - Jun 06 2012
I understand, you want the context menus to stay light. Your suggestion to make the menu item colored when clicked is indeed an option. It will be less pretty however I think, but that's up to you. I don't know if you could do this only for LO or have to do it for all apps...

Thanks anyway for the time and efforts! Your theme is superb. - Jun 06 2012
What do you mean with the pop-up menu? Right-click context menu...?

Can't you borrow some code from another theme or isn't it that simple? Some themes doing this right are orion, shiki-colors and zukitwo-colors.

The rest of the theme is looking phenomenal, I like it a lot! I noticed that the menus or notifications that slide down from the titlebar in some applications in GTK2 applications look a bit weird at the top as well, the GTK3 variant is flawless however. - Jun 05 2012
There is a problem with LibreOffice menus, as you might already know. I filed a bug for this long time ago already with the LO devs, but they never solved it.

There is a suggestion however from another artist how to solve this problem in the theme. Please take a look at the reported bug here: - Jun 04 2012
Score 74.2%
9   Jun 05 2012