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Cross with Crown Wallpaper

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May 11 2007
Its Very Good! I like it, its really good for your first. - May 12 2007
I use Photoshop CS2 on my Windows PC and I use The Gimp on my Ubuntu PC. Ohhh and I learned by trial and error. My friend and I were basically on our own when we learned how to use Photoshop and The Gimp. - May 12 2007
I think you need permission from the original creator. Hope this helps. - May 11 2007
I will upload ice blue sword with crown tomorrow. Let me know what else you can come up with and I will be more than happy to make it! - May 11 2007
A proprietary license is a kind of license that has rules defined by its creators or owners. This kind of license does not come under purview of any country level or international law. The terms and conditions provided are defined only by the owner and/or creator. - May 11 2007
I'm making it right now as we speak. - May 11 2007
Its a simple wallpaper I created for the people who don't like complicated wallpapers. For Example: (When its too full you cant appreciate the art). I hope you like the wallpaper, and feel free to give me any suggestions on what you would like to see next. I do all kinds of wallpapers this is just a real small taste of what I can do. Thank You For Looking. - May 11 2007