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Ulrike Jahnke-Soltau
Various Stuff
kmahjongg themes christmas etc.

Various Stuff 5 comments

by uja
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Nov 13 2006
Too bad that the SVG-stuff is too new.
Some crucial parts exspecially used for textures don't work yet in KDE 3.5.5,, neither in KSVG nor in mozilla (checked with selfsvg, counterchecked with inkscape).

so long,
uja - Nov 14 2006
We are running gentoo 64/KDE 3.5.x/Qt 3.? in this house. GCC4 is available.

Will it work there as well?

The tilesets are offsprings of the corresponding Javascript-Mahjongg-tilesets from, and they are "bitmap-oriented". - Nov 13 2006
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copy the files to the pic directory of kmahjongg

/whereever/kde/3.x/share/share/apps/kmahjongg/pic - Nov 13 2006
Spooky Shooter

Shooter 4 comments

by uja
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Feb 22 2005
... is fixed in 2.05
(checked with gentoo, kde 3.5,gcc4) - Sep 18 2006
V050215:2000 MEZ:
no more editing installation files needed (hopefully) - Feb 15 2005
the NAS version is installed by:


uja - Feb 14 2005

Board 68 comments

by redsh
Score 58.0%
Mar 17 2007
Hi, nice game.

But there is a little bug:

After you have solved or let have solved a requester appears.
You close it the first time, everything is ok.
You click "Solve" a second time, and this requester appears in an endless loop, and you have to kill the program from the task manager. - Sep 24 2005

Wallpaper Other 1 comment

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Jun 25 2005
This is really a nice wallpaper.
There is a calm atmosphere, and you easily find your icons on the desktop.

so long,
uja - Jun 26 2005

Arcade 9 comments

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Nov 22 2012
It would have been better if you update the screen only when necessary.
On a LCD there is too much flickering for my eyes. - Jun 14 2005

Card 2 comments

by uja
Score 58.6%
Mar 27 2005
This game was sitting longer around (fidonet) and was converted to Qt3 for training purposes.

Yesterday I got a request for stuff like that and published it here.

so long,
uja - Mar 27 2005

Arcade 3 comments

by uja
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Mar 14 2005
It should be sufficient if you replace ./images/ball.png with a smaller image. :-)
If not, tell me, the code is meant to handle that.

I don't know Bricks of Egypt but the good old Amiga version (Arcanoid).

(Maybe Bricks of Egypt was one of the 2 versions that my graphic card couldn't handle?)

so long,
uja - Mar 14 2005