Yellow Dot cursors

Cursors by telex 9 comments

I like it ( I wonder why ;-) ) - Mar 19 2003
It's not that simple. SVG is a format that is easy to change, and I think sodipodi allows exporting to png from command line. But the difficult part is adding the shadow automatically, which I don't think it's possible in SVG.

If you modify the cursors don't forget to change the hot-spot point in the config files also. - Mar 19 2003
Modern System I

KDE 3 Color Schemes by rael 2 comments

There may be two reasons: The first one: patents/license problems. The second one: the author must ask for its inclusion. Otherwise they won't bother. - Mar 19 2003

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by stefano 7 comments

Errr... sorry, but I don't get what you pretend with this patch.

I don't use _any_ patches right now, and I have the hand link working on webpages, icons... what's wrong?

When loading of a webpage is in progress it displays left_ptr_watch which is the cursor with a watch... but if you're desperate, you can link it to hand_watch or whatever... no patch is necessary for that.

Sorry, but I have missed this one until right now, otherwise I would have asked before.
- Mar 19 2003

> I should release the yellow versions either
> this evening or tomorrow :) It's not too hard
> just opening the SVGs and changing the
> colours, and I changed the Makefile so it'll
> install properly :)

The worst part are the animations. In order to save space I don't keep the svg's for every position, so you'll need to recreate those png's and of course, add the shadows one by one in gimp.

I look forward to see that Makefile... :-)
- Mar 19 2003
I forgot to mention that all the apps actually use v_double_arrow and h_double_arrow, as far as you run them under kde, since all use kwin as window manager, so there's consistency between the widget sets.

Under Gnome though, they'll use the standard set (left, right, top, bottom, top-left...)

- Mar 18 2003
>First off, great cursor theme! I'm planning on >making some different colour versions of this, >and I'll post them as soon as I've finished!

Thanks, I'll be waiting for your version to try it. Mmmm... I'm now thinking that I should relicense it properly as GPL :-)

> Now I've found some missing cursors. First off > is the kill cursor, which is completely missing

The kill cursor is there. It's called "draped_box" which is the standard cursor. (type xkill, you'll get it). Oh I see, I think you refer to pirate... mmmmm... trouble. I was never able to draw a proper skull ;-) I'll think of it for the weekend.

> from the set! Next, the symlinks for Qt/KDE
> seem to be messed up, because the wrong >cursors are shown when resizing windows

The symlinks are correct, but Qt uses a nonstandard cursor set. They use the same cursor for opposing sides, so they must be symmetric, and one cannot use the standard ones, otherwise they look wrong. (This is what happenned in the early versions of this set).

The same thing happens for the diagonals: opposite diagonals must have the same cursor for QT apps, which is why I have fd_double_arrow & bd_double_arrow.

There's no much to do about it right now.

Do you think it would be more reasonable to have v_double_arrow and h_double_arrow as arrows pointing out (not in)? I've thought of that, but not too sure about the most proper solution.

- Mar 18 2003
Resizeable Tux Cursor!

Cursors by MasterSeven 42 comments

Those are not the standard directories for Mandrake. It's /usr/share/icons instead.


U. - Mar 17 2003
Resizeable Tux Cursor!

Cursors by MasterSeven 42 comments

It's /usr/share/icons in Mandrake, and I think now it has become the standard directory for cursors. - Mar 17 2003
I know about this problem. The Makefile uses the function $(eval ...) , which I thought it was an old feature, but was implemented only recently. One needs to upgrade to version 3.80 to support it.

The advantage to use Makefiles is that it needs to regenerate only those cursors that were changed, not the whole set. And $(eval ) is a great function to have a dynamic Makefile that is automatically updated everytime one adds cursors to the set.

I was thinking to include something similar to what you mentioned in the makefile for those using Makefile v.<3.80, but I don't know how to test the Makefile version inside it. Any hints? - Mar 15 2003
You just need to set the environment variable XCURSOR_DISCOVER.

I just do "export XCURSOR_DISCOVER=true", but I think you can set it to whatever you want. (Thanks to Fredrik for this hint ;-)

Once you do that, run the application from the terminal, and you'll see all the icons/hashes that are created. - Mar 15 2003
Done, hopefully now it will work. The cursor was there, it's just that there was a missing symlink... (mozilla doesn't use a standard X11 icon for that purpose) - Mar 14 2003
I moved the theme to the place it belongs, but as I said I have really no time to update it right now. My intention was not to create a full set at the beginning. Those who downloaded the first single cursor will remember it perfectly.

I could maybe take a weekend to do a couple of fixes, but I'm pretty busy right now. Anyway, the cursor set is almost complete.

There will be always tools that use their own cursors, but that's not my fault, I can't find all of them easily. At some point they'll start hopefully using the correct standard cursors from XFree, so one doesn't have to symlink all those hashes.

The cursors are there. It's just the links that are missing.
- Mar 13 2003
Mandrake 9.1 rc2

KDE Plasma Screenshots by axel 1 comment

What's the point of having the shadowed acqua decoration, if you actually don't use any shadowing? You're probably just wasting your computer resources for nothing ;-) - Mar 08 2003
KWin global drop shadow patch

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by Deciare 38 comments

Another nice toy for my desktop ;-) - Feb 25 2003
It's related to the make version. See comments above. I want to fix it for older versions of make, but I've got no time to do it for now.... - Feb 24 2003
Aqua OS K

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by davidsansome 139 comments

Mandrake installs kde straight in /usr, not in /usr/local (unless you installed it there manually)

So,... the prefix should be --prefix=/usr

If you have a look, you should find all the header files in /usr/include (not /usr/include/kde), the libraries in /usr/lib, icons in /usr/share/icons... and so on

Except for qt3 who has its own directory in /usr/lib/qt3 - Feb 20 2003
Aqua OS K

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by davidsansome 139 comments

No problem, solved,... the problem was of automake/autoconf... sorry for bothering you. - Feb 20 2003
Aqua OS K

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by davidsansome 139 comments

of course I meant --prefix (not --with-prefix) ;-) Anyway, the problem remains there. - Feb 20 2003
Aqua OS K

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by davidsansome 139 comments

There's something wrong in the configure file. I'm using kde & qt-copy from cvs head... and the configure doesn't seem to be able to recognise qt. Neither found libXext, which is there... I have no other option than tweaking it....

I'm 110% sure I'm using the proper --with-qt-dir & --with-prefix ... and so on. Done it hundreds of times ;-) - Feb 20 2003
Penguin in the Field

Wallpaper Other by heli 6 comments

I especially liked the eyes' blueish part. Really well done. And... it's not surprising... rendering grass would take _any_ machine up to its limits! I tried myself. ;-) - Feb 19 2003

Various Stuff by ewindisch 14 comments

The other "unknown" standard seems to be the icon location. The installation paths for cursors *were* in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/icons (at least when I compiled last time).

But at least some packagers (see mdk) have changed it to /usr/share/icons

One needs to know where to install those icons before everyone chooses their own method, and we create several incompatible packages - Feb 18 2003

Various Stuff by ewindisch 14 comments

... unless you write "inherits=whiteglass/redglass" in the index.theme file.

Anyway, I wish somebody writes down an "official" manual about Xcursor, since this seems to be more or less a guess-work to know how it works, what-can-we-do, and what-we-shouldn't-do - Feb 18 2003

Various Stuff by ewindisch 14 comments

I had a look at the code, and... at first glance I would say you're missing some symlinks to make qt work with the cursors. But otherwise looks good. (not tested _yet_ ;-P ) - Feb 18 2003

Various Stuff by ewindisch 14 comments

... it a try definetely ;-) - Feb 18 2003
You gave me an idea actually. If I could somehow check the make version I could call a bash or shell script to build all the cursors in this way (independent from being changed or not). I'll fix it for the next version this way - Feb 14 2003
Argh! ;-)

You have 3 different versions of the xterm in the package.

Get into 'Cursors/cursors/', and you'll find: xterm, xterm_old, xterm_old2

'xterm' is the last version
'xterm_old2' is the original square
'xterm_old' is the even older one

Copy any of this as 'xterm' to ~/.icons/default/cursors/

and you'll have it.

I don't know what I'm going to do with this cursor.... :-S - Feb 14 2003
At last and idea! Hopefully you like this version better. It's less intrusive, easily readable on both black and white backgrounds, (and it fits perfectly in the theme ;-) ) - Feb 13 2003
Some New XCursors

Various Stuff by noonespecial 9 comments

I'm not here to complain. On the contrary: I was just meant to help, since I thought you had done it by mistake. Actually I think I've seen some graphic tool using it (can't remember....gimp or krita maybe) Don't ask me what for.

Anyway, you should link it to "pirate" aswell, otherwise the key-combination doesn't show it. - Feb 13 2003
Ok, now right_ptr is there. Thanks for letting me know - Feb 13 2003
> Anyways, what I was trying to say >is that my left poitner (the reverse >of the standard pointer)actually >didn't show up.

Ok, I see which one you mean. the left pointer "left_ptr" is actually the standard one. The one missing is "right_ptr" which is the reverse. I'll do a quick hack and post it soon.

> It's not a huge ordeal to me,
> because it is used in very few places.

I've seen it in emacs for example...

>Having a colorful curors is kind of >distracting to me.

I had the intention of making a really simple cursor for xterm, but I don't seem to find one that fits with the theme. If anyone that has a suggestion I would appreciate it.

Another thing I have noticed is that the hand become difficult to see on dark backgrounds. I like the pointer, but maybe some sort of outline or something in red so it can be seen on all backgrounds.

>is the watch replacement for KDE >supposed to be animated

It's meant to be, but not yet ;-) maybe this weekend.
- Feb 13 2003
Ok, I found it.

My makefile uses the function $(eval ...) in order to "autoupdate" the makefile. I thought this was an older feature, but it was implemented in version 3.80 for the first time (Oct 2002). So in order to make it work correctly you need to update to GNU make 3.80. You are probably using GNU make 3.79 which was released on March 2000

Does anyone know how I can do the same thing without using the "eval" function? - Feb 13 2003
Argh! I tested and found the same problem with gnu make 3.79 in solaris.
I'll try to fix it for the next version. Midwhile, you can create the cursors one by one (sorry):

xcursorgen left_ptr.conf ../cursors/left_ptr

And so on - Feb 13 2003
You mean the shadow that is cut in the left_side pointer? Yes, thanks, I noticed it earlier but I forgot to fix it. Same happens with the watch cursor... if it wasn't that it takes so long to redraw all the positions....

About the xterm cursor... I'm still thinking what to do with it. It works fine for bright backgrounds, but in dark ones doesn't look as nice I would say. - Feb 13 2003
What make program are you using? Try to use "gmake" instead (gnu make).

I think this Makefile should be quite standard, but may require gnu make 3.72+ or sth like that.

Anyone else having the same problem (with gnu make)? - Feb 13 2003
Some New XCursors

Various Stuff by noonespecial 9 comments

Sorry, the skull cursor is supposed to be called "pirate" (not skull) - Feb 12 2003
Some New XCursors

Various Stuff by noonespecial 9 comments

"draped_box" is not meant to be a skull, even if it's used by xkill. There's another cursor called "skull" which is... of course, a skull.

You'll get it pressing the following combination of keys:


It's meant to do the same thing as xkill anyway, but the developer of xkill decided to have a "draped_box" as icon instead :-) - Feb 12 2003
Some New XCursors

Various Stuff by noonespecial 9 comments

. - Feb 12 2003
Sorry, as mentioned above, this is not yet fixed. :-( - Feb 11 2003
There's no such "full" list. I don't think Qt uses the whole cursor set, so it needs some changes. There IS such bug and it shouldn't be closed.

He mentions some "fd_double_arrow" "bd_double_arrow". They are not in the standard cursor sets. This means that they're using their own specific cursors. I bet they're the corner cursors (but double ones). So they are in fact the same for opposite diagonals. I would consider this _is_ in fact a bug, since one cannot use the standard cursor set.

By the way, the "PATCH" does _not_ make such a change as "Fredrik Höglund" mentions. The only thing it does is ENABLE the QT_USE_APPROXIMATE_CURSORS which is existing already in qt-copy.
Why is it there otherwise???

This thing was already suggested in the qt-list, and is the ONLY method that has been announced so far publicly.

I cannot believe someone can close a bug with such a good explanation, without reading the comments.

Anyway, thanks to Uri for submitting the bug. - Feb 11 2003
... enough trouble to mantain the pack on this site (lack of free time), ..... but as I said before, if anyone wants to take this cursor set, modify, and republish, you are free to do it. I'm not going to sue you :-)

My original idea wasn't to build the whole set of cursors. I just made this stuff for my own usage, and I have really little time to modify it. - Feb 11 2003
I had been searching for those links ofr ages! I'll include the links in the pack asap. - Feb 11 2003
you are right. I'll try to fix it - Feb 09 2003
Definetely there's something wrong here..... I was logged in already but it posted as "anonymous" don't ask me how.... I don't know!

(And I flame people for posting as anonymous.... :-( ) - Feb 07 2003
Ok, maybe I'll try to correct this and other issues this weekend when I hope to have some time.... - Feb 06 2003
I don't think the actual problems come from KDE itself.
As you know, KDE is entirely based on QT libraries, same as Gnome uses gtk, gdk, etc.

The thing seems to be that GTK and other libraries respect XFree's standard cursors, whilst QT doesn't (originally to 'improve' the previous cursors) So... until QT fixes this issue probably there's little to be done. Sadly, the QT releases are not controlled by the KDE guys (at least not entirely) - Feb 06 2003
As far as this version of XFree doesn't get to be the standard I guess we'll be having problems of this sort:

-qt uses their own "improved" icons for a few things: dragging an object.
-mozilla uses the _system_'s default cursors in some cases, instead of following the "~/.icons/" setup.
-qt for example _assumes_ that some icons are identical (for ex. bottom_left_corner!=top_right_corner)

Kde guys had been trying to add some support to change the cursors on the fly, which I thought it was quite promissing, but they gave up.

I think the main problem is the lack of information that is provided from the XFree guys. It's surprising that they're unable to do a "XFree cursors FAQ" or a howto.

- Feb 06 2003
You can probably do this better using sodipodi. The tar.gz includes the original sodipodi svg files.

Edit them, change the color, and export to png format, at size 32x32. Then open it with Gimp, and add the shadow (something like (5,2) displacement and 2 of blurred width for example) - Feb 05 2003
I'm glad you liked the cursors.

I was thinking myself to put some animation on the default cursor (left_ptr), but I'm not sure if I should:
it takes quite a long time to draw all those icons, and I think everyone would get tired of the "moving thingy" after half an hour. And I'm not quite sure about the performance of X redrawing all the time...

Err.... as far as I know there is no animation in the arrow cursor of XP, is there any really? - Feb 03 2003
Good ones!

Nice to see that someone else has done some theme. I thought I was the only one that needed a change :-P

By the way.... I've been unable to replace the Drag n' Drop cursor... which is not taken from whiteglass nor redglass.... Please let me know if you find it - Feb 03 2003