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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
Wallpaper Other

Wallpaper Other 5 comments

by uddw
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Sep 06 2005
It's made with blender. The source (basically just the texture, which is the official crystal logo with the egdes un-rounded) is too big to post it here, but you can download it from here: There is also a 1600x1200 pix version of the wallpaper. - Sep 27 2005

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 154 comments

by uddw
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Dec 13 2004
Consider this a OpenGL driver compatibility test ;) But it won't be using OpenGL in KDE4 anymore. - Sep 09 2005
It will replace the current clock in KDE4 once the library development of plasma has settled a little and once I've got some spare time again. Timezones will be supported. - Sep 09 2005
I guess it is the OpenGL context which doesn't survive the suspend. Try running another gl app during a suspend cycle to verify this. - Jul 21 2005
Thanks :)
The clock for KDE 4 will probably be a complete rewrite of styleclock, since so many things have to change: Qt3 to Qt4, OpenGL to Arthur, PIM integration, timezones, text support, the new applet interface of the upcoming kicker etc.

I started rewriting the core for Qt4 at least. But it will be a while until it is in a state where it makes sense to think about the actual themes to ship with the Clock.
But at that point I will surely need help to make the default themes shine :) - May 24 2005
Styleclock will most certainly stay in the system tray. It is supposed to be a better looking replacement for the normal kicker clock.

Besides that shaped windows will look totally ugly, so I won't even try.
And even with alpha channels it would be better to make superkaramba use it to place its widgets on top instead of on the desktop. - Jan 19 2005
Ups, you're right. Will be fixed in the next release. - Dec 31 2004
Having a shaped clock window instead of a kicker appelt would look ugly if your xserver doesn't support RBGA visual. I'm using debian, which still comes with XFree86, so I can't do that at the moment.

The date is displayed in a tooltip. Displaying the date as part of the clock iself requires support by the clock theme. Only centurion supports this at the moment. Patches for the other themes are welcome.

I'll try to remember implementing the alarm settings. - Dec 31 2004
This should be possible. But I really have to look into that refresh bug. Thanks for pointing it out; I wonder why I haven't noticed it. - Dec 17 2004
Thanks, Marcin. I've added a link to your page with the debs on I hope that is ok for you. - Dec 17 2004
I guess it means that your version of Qt was compiled without OpenGL-support... I'm using Debian and it simply works. Guess I really should get rid of opengl :P - Oct 25 2004
I would love to do so, but I guess the opengl dependency is a major problem.
Since I don't use many features from OpenGL, it should possible to replace it. But afaik Qt doesn't allow smoothly rotated bitmaps. Baiscally that would be all we need. Since the bitmaps are not very big, it seems viable to do that in software.
Does anyone know have a code snippet to do that..? - Oct 25 2004
Uhh, that's deep in inside the guts of KDE. The backtrace doesn't reach back far enough for me to know where in my code it was triggered. And I can't remember using any sockets directly somewhere. It's a clock after all, not a download manager :P

I'm sorry, but I can't reproduce this error at this point. Someone with this problem should run it in a debugger probably.. - Sep 05 2004
Well, I use KDE 3.3 too and it doesn't crash. Can you show me the backtrace? Does it happen with every theme? - Sep 05 2004
Well, it might be fixed now. At least it worked for me. Please give it a try. - Sep 05 2004
Show us the text around the first error message please.. - Aug 09 2004
Pardon, I have to correct myself. It looks like something went wrong during generating prefs.h. But the question remains - which KDE version are you using? Could you show me the contents of prefs.h (via mail..)? - Aug 03 2004
Looks like a problem with the ecmascript engine. What KDE Version/Distribution are you using? - Aug 03 2004
I haven't seen this error before.. hmm, when you try the binary clock without using a transparent background, do you see several black rectangles or is the whole thing black? Do you have any other gl program that uses textures and works? qt3-examples probably? What gl driver? Anyone else having this problem? - Aug 03 2004
I don't think customized alarm message make sense. I want to keep it simple and fast, so I assume that everyone can remember why one set the alarm a while ago ;) If your situation is more complicated, you better use kalarm.

The binary clock actually needs some tweaking. I was hoping that someone how is enough of a geek to use a binary clock (which doesn't include me) could fix the javascript code of that theme.
I demand the right to be lazy! - Jul 28 2004
It would be possible, since it doesn't have to many dependencies. Besides kdelibs you only need the libGL. The biggest problem is probably the need for OpenGL. Some people seem to have problems because of buggy drivers and KDE may run on platforms without OpenGL at all.
And the applet isn't as lightweight as I was hoping at first, so I don't know if it would be a good idea to integrate it into the standard clock.

But maybe I can move it to kdeextragear eventually. Pro: More likely to get packaged, translations. Contra: I would have to use CVS instead of Subversion. Hmmm... - Jul 25 2004
Are you sure that *that* would make it a great applet? ;)) I actually thought about it, but then I thought it's a complete waste of time.

It wouldn't be hard though. I will add a standard notifications config dialog anyway to configure the alarm sound, then I can also add a possibility to play sounds every hour or such. But please forgive me if it will be turned off by default *g*.

I've always avoided to buy noisy clocks, so I'm not sure what intervals would be needed. Are four distinct sounds (full hour, :15 , :30, :45) enough? - Jul 25 2004
I can't reproduce this error. Does it happen every time or only under certain (which?) conditions? With all themes, with all kicker orientations.. uhm.. so far I'm clueless. - Jul 25 2004
For the first error it might help to add
#include <map> in styleconfigdlg.h

I can't check what could be wrong in kjs/value.h, since I'm not a home atm. - Jul 25 2004
I build some debs for myself, but I haven't published them. You can easily build your own. Unpack it, "cd styleclock-0.4.0", and then something like "fakeroot debian/rules binary". - Jul 24 2004
But I guess you understand that I can't help a lot when the only thing I know is that it's not compiling.. which distribution, which KDE version, which OpenGL-driver and most importanly - what compiler errors? - Jul 24 2004
yes - Jul 24 2004
You can run it (like every other kicker applet) with the command "appletproxy styleclock". You will get a freely resizeable window with an ugly gray background. No transparency, and I'm not quite sure where the settings are saved (try appletproxy --help).

If I were you I would simply use a digital clock instead - styleclock will get a digital theme too btw. Ther infrastructure is there, now we need a good design.

Whatever, it's your choice ;) - Jul 21 2004
Hm, on debian it even compiles without it, but your right of course, thx.
Fixed in 0.3.1. - Jul 18 2004
Kubun2 Transparent BG

Wallpaper Other 3 comments

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Sep 07 2005
I have seen the original wallpaper without transparency already and I really loved it! This version is great too, but the shadow could be a lot darker.
Yesterday I tried to do something similar myself (, but I'm a absolute beginner with Blender and I don't know how to use raytracing or radiosity and still have a transparent background with Blender. So it uses the default renderer with no reflection and ugly shadows. How did you do the transpareny? - Sep 07 2005

Utilities 139 comments

by oisch
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Jul 22 2005
- Drag'n'drop support. If I drag (not drop!) a file on the tray icon, kompose should pop up. Then it should raise the window over which the mouse pointers rests for a short time (1/2-1 second). Expose works like that AFAIK. And it would also be consistent with the behavior of the task bar.

- how about using opengl for scaling the images? Wouldn't this be much faster? At the moment the thumbnail appear on the screen one by one. What is the bottleneck here? Ok, maybe this isn't worth the effort, if Qt4's Arthur can use OpenGL as a backend.

- Assigning each window thumbnail a unique key would be nice. Either from a-z or (better) corresponding to the order of the keys on the keyboard. 0 would the the image in the first row of the left, q is the first of the second row etc. Different keyboard layout complicate this a little, and if there are too many windows you would still have to click the window or use the cursor.
Another idea would be to assign the shortcuts so that each window keeps it's shortcut as long as possible, even if the position in the layout changes. Hm, maybe this would be a nice addition for kwin's Alt-Tab, too :D - Apr 06 2005

KDE 3.x Window Decorations 8 comments

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Jun 07 2002
Is there a version which compiles with KDE 3.3/3.4? Or does anybody know any other decorations with the title bar on the side? - Mar 27 2005

KDE 3.x Window Decorations 34 comments

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Jun 13 2007
I stumbled over your window decoration after submitting

I asked for a way to embed the menu bar into the title bar of an application. Unlike your window decoration, this can't work without support by kdelibs, but on the other hand there is the mac os style menu alreay, so why not introduce another lavour, which is more pleasing for non-mac-users. Votes welcome ;)

Rearding your window decoration - is it possible to have no border at the top at all, so that I hit the menu bar automatically without this somewhat weird auto-jump feature? Because the way it is now, the click-drag-release method of using menus doesn't work.

The second think is the missing title. Without a title at all, it might be cleaner solution to put the window buttons on the right/left hand side of the window, like SideKap (

Maybe you could guess the amount of unused space in the menu bar by looking at the pixels right in the row right below to lower bound of our window buttons. Very often there might be enough room for the title - and with it a nice bar to move the window without using the keyboard. - Mar 27 2005
ShadowFade at logout

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 44 comments

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Feb 18 2005
I can't believe it! I had the very same idea about two weeks ago :D
Seems to be one of these ideas that simply have to come true, one way or the other.
Isn't it fast enough if you apply a 3x3-pixel convolution several times? On slower system it would blur less, on faster systems more. But who cares?

It *has* to be done, we have no choice, I know it! :D - Feb 16 2005
kwin process info patch

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 10 comments

by uddw
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Feb 09 2005
But how do you know that it's dead enough? It should be easy to find out more about the problem instead of only working around it.

I have also just implemented the Action-Menu idea, so I can add new tool to the window action menu without recompiling. ksnapshot is the next candidate for this menu. Or maybe a kdialog-based script to display open files and sockets. - Feb 10 2005
The idea was that you should be able to find out a little more about why a program is hung before killing it.
If you don't know about ksysguard, then you won't be able to find out about it when you need it.

If I want to make a tgz from a folder, I right-click it and select "compress as tar.gz", instead of opening ark, search for the folder and compress it then. That's the idea of context menus. So why not using the same for windows?

Putting it into kicker's taskbar is just as good, but not all windows appear in the taskbar.

And regarding ksnapshot - why not putting it into the window menu too?
Each window could have a complete action menu, just like files, which lists all programs that can operate on a window or application. - Feb 10 2005
It's certainly too late for 3.4, and there are more important things to be discussed on core-devel until end of march. Here it's easy to find for everyone who is interested, along with a nice screenshot.
But maybe you are right, it's just a small patch and not a large enhancement that has to be maintained. What do you think is the right place for it, kde-usability, core-devel or the bugtracker? - Feb 10 2005
Honestly, I'm not really worried that my mother will ever discover this menu. It's in a submenu with the name "Advanced". You get what you ask for.

I'm just not sure if it really improves usability, not only to kill half-dead programs, but also to encourage people to find out more about what is happening in the background. ksysguard isn't complete enough for that - it would be nice to see what the program is doing, what files it is touching, where it is sending data to etc.

But even then it's yet another new menu item. I think it's worth it, but I'm sure that not everyone will agree ;) - Feb 10 2005

Various KDE Stuff 17 comments

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Nov 19 2004
Ok, I've got some working code for a dirty hack. It's working with screenshots, not with transparent windows, so this mode should only be entered while holding the mouse button down on the tray icon to keep the user from doing anything else while the widgets are on top.
The patch is not finished, but it's working already. This is it in action: - Jan 19 2005
Can superkaramba show the applets in a tranparent foreground window? That should be possible with at least. The latest (or upcoming?) MacOS has something like superkaramba, but you can bring it to the foreground with a single mouseclick.

I don't use superkaramba just because of that (also because debian doesn't ship, because I almost never see my desktop anyway. - Jan 19 2005

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 178 comments

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Oct 20 2005
There is quite some room for speed optimizations for kio-locate, but it will usually be far from realtime. Search-as-you-type isn't possible at all with konqueror.
But it could possibly be made much, much faster, if kio-locate would create an indexed database from the locate db and use this for searching, because the locatedb can be searched only sequentially.

Anyway, I also hope that kio-locate is just a small step towards an indexing search engine.
What happened to all the ideas that came up a while ago like on LinuxTag '04? - Jan 17 2005
You have to install it to the correct prefix with something like
./configure --prefix=$(kde-config --prefix)
Otherwise KDE won't the the desktop file which registers the new kioslave. - Jan 17 2005
Just in case anyone is interested - I wrote a quick and dirty patch for kio-locate today, which groups the found files into directories. To get an impression, please see the screenshots (and the code) on

The second screenshot was made after clicking on the /opt-dir in the first screenshot.

It's not too fast and the treeview doesn't work right, but it works somewhat.

I have sent this to the author of kio-locate, but maybe a few other opinions might be helpful. - Jan 13 2005
Not sure if this was suggested before, but how about letting kiolocate create a real tree with directories you can open?

Then entering a too broad search wouldn't make konqueror cough.

So when you find a file called /opt/foo/bar, you would only list "opt", which would link to a locate url that searches for files that start with /opt. This might need some caching and maybe some special parameter to surpress the first n parts of a path, but it should work.

The drawback is that you have to click through the tree to finally find the file you're looking for, but at least you're not drowing in hits, like I do very often. - Jan 12 2005
themable SVG icons

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 12 comments

by H00K
Score 50.0%
Nov 18 2004
There was also a little discussion about this on

I even tried to add the CSS2 system colors to the svg icon renderer, but at some point I gave up because (1) some functions needed access to a KApplication, which the icon renderer doesn't use, and (2) because it was slightly too late to add new features for 3.4 anyway ;)
If this problem is solved, the rest is fairly trivial. It's not necessary to add full support for CSS(2), just define color constants like "Background" etc.

This feature could make more sense for SVG background because backgrounds are more about design, whereas icons should be easy to recognize. I'm not sure I want all my icons to use similar colors. But otoh I know that other people do... - Jan 04 2005

Wallpaper Other 4 comments

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Jul 21 2004
The blue flower even seems to resemble the blue gear on the homepage. Too bad that the KDE-Icon on is white and yellow. Maybe you should consider a second version with a daisy instead *g*

Anyway, it's so thoughtfully composed to match the blueish Plastik/Keramik default look and also the crystal icons. I would love to see this wallpaper being shipped with the next KDE release.
Where can I vote for that?! - Sep 17 2004
I really love this wallpaper :D

Its colors perfectly match the "plastik" color scheme. The contrast is not too strong on the left side, where the icons are most often. Both the image section and the colors are an excellent choice.
It's one of the few photograph-like wallpapers which work well without having to blur them.

Very nice work! - Sep 17 2004

Chat & Messenging 100 comments

by mattr
Score 63.3%
Jul 13 2006
At least if you're using ICQ, you can set the encoding per user in the user properties. - Sep 11 2004
Theme Idea from GNOME Community

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 21 comments

by zammi
Score 50.0%
Sep 06 2004
They also blurred the background which is shining through. That's a little bit more complicated (especially in terms of computing power) than regular transparency, but it looks truly stunning. I hope that there will be an API for window decorations which allows such effects.. - Sep 06 2004

Various Stuff 76 comments

by oisch
Score 50.0%
Jul 22 2005
Wow, this program really has the potential to make Alt-Tab obsolete :)
I'm surprised how good it works even without that new X-Extensions.

A few suggestions:
- Please add keyboard navigation! kompos - Aug 05 2004