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Protect Freedom From Ubuntu

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Sep 10 2007
Nothing at all personally. but I can see it's hurting freedom and the community that was built on blood and sweat of others. I care about that and there should be a end for this viscous evil , Ubuntu daemon - Sep 10 2007
Maybe he was. but any more, but he is planing his next mars Journey thanx to stupid users who promote and Dell. - Sep 10 2007
NO. I'M NOT A MS guy i'm a Linux Guy Who really love freedom. I'm a true believer . If u want to promote some thing promote Debian. use Fredoa what ever. but not a bad distro that gives a bad name of all the Free projects out there.. not a project that hacks free project to it's end. not a project that kills other projects look at the desktop polls. it's killing KDe. it's killing many other like that. open our eye's open ur mind. see the truth. see the distractions it is bring to all of linux . God help you to see the truth

Bye - Sep 10 2007
Every thing!.

Cheap Linux Distro promoted using money power. it's the worst Linux distro ever made. Debian developers Must be crying.... - Sep 10 2007