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Martin Meredith
Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 116 comments

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Jul 01 2007
well we're planning to mimic QuickSilver behaviour, so it's planned don't worry (thougbh it'll probably use up and down instead and tab to switch between item and action selection) - Mar 23 2006
This will be available for 0.4 - we have it working already - give me an email if you're interested in using the development version - Mar 23 2006
In fact - I cant see why this cant make the next release- I'm hacking on it now - if it works - it'll be in the next release ;) - Mar 13 2006
I'll take a copy of this and put it into the devbranch.

I think coding an option to make it so that it's "choosable" shouldn't be too hard - Mar 13 2006
It's just a different way of launching applications - some find it easier - some dont.

If you've ever used quicksilver - then you know what it's all about.

anyways - documentation is well underway - if you wish to help out - feel free to contact me - mez (at) thekatapult (dot) org (dot) uk - Mar 06 2006
Fixed as of - Mar 06 2006
This is fixed as of release - Mar 06 2006
This is actually being coded at this very moment for the next release! - Mar 06 2006

confusing - I'll have a look at what could cause this

can you procide more info regarding your setup(s) - Jan 31 2006
If someone were willing to package this up to get it on portage - or point me in the direction to get this going - I'd be grateful - Jan 31 2006
It should work on any release 3.4.x and above I believe - I've not tested it on anything else - please do let me know if you find other versions it works with - Jan 26 2006
yes - if you dont know it's there - it well - doesnt show itself.

This is because it's set to run as defauly in dapper - it runs as part of the session restoring - but we didnt want people to be bugged by the notification each time - so we had to like - make it so it didnt pop up on a session restore.

But - with hope documentation will ensue in the near future :D - Jan 26 2006
Thats the first thing we're coding into the next release - It's a choice between making the display more cluttered - or making the "how to select other stuff" confusing (as in we'll have lots of people asking s how to do it)

What feels most natural to you people to select the next thing in the list.

and Thank you - you have no idea how much putting us in the same category as yakuake means to me ;) - Jan 26 2006
at the moment - no - but if you want to contribute and try and help - we'd love it.

It actually works from programs in your menu - not in your path ;) so - well - it shouldnt be that hard.

Feel free to email me on or come into the #katapult channel on freenode, and we'll try and help you help us ; - Jan 22 2006
This will be packaged for backports in breezy officially soon enough (well as soon as I check it builds in my pbuild!) - Jan 20 2006
We're trying to lead the way forward with katapult :D It's a great app :D and in my opinion should be in KDE by default. But - ah well... - Jan 19 2006
Please email me any comments regarding katapult to - I can then deal with the requests there! - Jan 19 2006
yes, we;ve taken over development of the project ! - Jan 19 2006

Groupware 20 comments

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Feb 28 2006
I'd love to package this for debian/ubuntu - I've started work already - Just to let you know

you can contact me on - I did try emailing you about this - but to no avail :D - Jan 07 2006