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Terry Kapnoullas Melbourne, Australia
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Feb 08 2010
Sorry for the late reply but I have been away on holidays for the last week without Internet access.

The widget theme I used is Air. - Mar 10 2010
I tried to customise the standard KDE 4.x setup instead of installing third party mods just to see how nice I could make it. So everything you see can be changed from KDE's System Settings.

I am using oxygen everything, but under appearance/windows I customised the buttons to be more to my liking.

I am not sure if that answered your questions well enough but if it didn't please ask me more.

The vim font I am using is called 'Pragmata' but I had to pay for that one. - Feb 09 2010
The text icons I use on the left of the panel (OPRA, KMAL, AMRK, & TRM) are from the icon set called Handelgot_Icons and can be found here:

The font I use for the fuzzy clock is called 'Calibri'.

I hope this helps - Feb 09 2010
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Aug 23 2009