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Scaled Black : Murrina

GTK2 Themes 17 comments

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Jul 05 2007
I prefer the theme with fuller scrollbars, but if you open the gtkrc in /home/YOURUSERNAME/.themes/MurrinaScaled/gtk-2.0 and then go to line 15 and alter the value of;
GtkRange ::slider_width = 15
to something more preferable for your needs. - Jul 05 2007
blahrus & Chrissss : I've pinpointed what is causing your problems and should have an update shortly...

MarineForce : Yes, it's Calibri. It's set at 8 pixels, the smoothing is set to Grayscale and hinting at None.

The wallpaper can be downloaded here : - Jul 05 2007
It's an image I set, it's also inside the downloaded archive in the directory 'nautilus bg'. - Jul 05 2007
Aisleriot Solitaire

Aisleriot 9 comments

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Nov 29 2006
Absolutely, once it's complete and if i can figure out how to optimize it so it loads better. - Nov 22 2006
Scaled Black Amarok

Amarok Themes 5 comments

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Nov 15 2006
i'm just using the default kde colour scheme at the moment - Nov 15 2006
Ones that don't match too well at the moment. :S Window decorator is Scaled Black under Helidor through Beryl, and the KDE scheme is a Qtcurve attempting to mimic the Murrine engine. Bit of a mish-mash really. - Nov 15 2006
Scaled : Black 2

GTK2 Themes 10 comments

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Jun 19 2006
I could give it a try, though I havn't seen anything in the metacity config that might help me... - Jun 20 2006
Font is named Calibri and is set to 8pt with no hinting and the smoothing grayscaled (font preferences.) - Jun 20 2006
I think I originaly found the wallpaper on DevArt, but have a little trouble finding it again now... - Jun 20 2006
Olive Suite

GTK2 Themes 46 comments

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Feb 27 2006
It is, but then the image repeats vertically as well and it end up looking like the import window of f-spot. I've got a little work-around for it at the minute though where the image is ridiculously long (about 3000px) with a high border range.

I'm not seeing any performance degradation because of this either (the file size only incresed by about 6 bytes.)

Also, could you tell me what you mean about the re-size widget? I'm not too sure what you're refering to. - Mar 01 2006
I'll probably create another gtk theme in the suite then. One that is more retro, and the other which leans towards being a little more modern.

Cheers. - Mar 01 2006
Thanks for the feedback!

I'll have a look at everything you've mentioned. Though the dashed lines have been a bit of a problem from the beginning because of the way the engine stretches images. I'm still trying to find a way around that.

Thanks again. :) - Mar 01 2006
What .bmp files? :|

Do you mean the icons? - Feb 28 2006
I think I know what you mean. I like the way the buttons and highlights turned out, but I'm not too sure about tabs and the notebook.

Or is there something else? :D - Feb 28 2006
thanks - Feb 26 2006
Could you elaborate a little?

What do you feel needs more attention? - Feb 24 2006
what window border is that? i'd like to use the buttons but will need to give credit. :)

i havn't tried a white border, will give it a look though. - Feb 22 2006
Done! :)

Thanks. - Feb 22 2006
I tried changing broder size but it made no difference. I didn't know there was a tile option.

The problem is on the menubar where if a window is maximised the dashed lines are more obvious (and the way i'd prefer them to look) but as the window is smaller then the menubar gets shrunken horizontally and the dashes become dots, or just a line.

Setting it to not stretch works fine horizontally, but vertically it repeats as well and it looks horrible.

No biggy, though.

Thanks. - Feb 22 2006
Font is Calibri at 8pt and no Hinting. - Feb 22 2006
Ok, icons added to file links at the top. - Feb 22 2006
the metacity is included, it's the same name. - Feb 22 2006
haha. thanks. though there's no match that i'm aware of, just more nice themes for everyone. ;)

i've only edited about 8 of the scaable icons, i can upload those for you if you like. i think adding the whole set for a few different icons would be silly. - Feb 22 2006
Olive XMMS

XMMS Skins 2 comments

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Feb 26 2006
thank you - Feb 26 2006

GTK2 Themes 74 comments

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Mar 26 2006
No problem.

Had me worried though. - Feb 24 2006
Hmm, have you tried doing killall gnome-panel in a terminal? That image should definitely be black now. :\ - Feb 23 2006
Could you post a screenshot?

The menu background should be a darm iamge when highlighted. - Feb 23 2006
Well, this is odd.

I decided to make this theme after seeing Gray here on Gnome-Look, I liked the overall look, but the buttons and colour scheme wern't to my liking so I decided to alter it too be much more to my preference.

To be honest I had no intention at all of even releasing this when I started, but after spending a few hours on it and delving into the theme code I thought, what the hell, someone might like it so why not.

So here we are, I credited cimi86 when I first uploaded the theme, but didn't include his theme's name, he asked me to change this and put the theme it was built upon in the description, hardly unreasonable I thought, so I went ahead and did it. Now, I had no idea his theme was also built upon someone elses until reading all of this just now.

I have no problem giving credit where it's due, I gave Cwiiis credit for helping find so many problems I'd introduced into the theme, and now I'll add Lokheed to the description too.

I havn't finished with this by a longshot, There's still bugs and inconsistencies that I want to address, but so far I've just fighting the good fight with the pixmap engine.

Anyway... I'll get back to The GIMP now. - Feb 16 2006
Sorry, that should be

metacity-theme-viewer Black - Feb 15 2006
Not too sure why this could be happening, it's the first I've heard of it.

If possibel could you run

metacity-theme-manager Black

In a console and tell me what errors it spits up, also try running the benchmark. It comes up as 3.3 on my machine. - Feb 15 2006

I'm in the process of modifying the Humilty theme to better fit the colour scheme, hopefully this will be good match.

The Graphite Icon theme by lokheed goes well with the colours, though the version I have is a little incomplete.

I'll uplioad the background for people. :) - Feb 14 2006
Thanks, hopefully the two issues you mentioned are also related to the same issue with buttons in nautilus' directory list thingy.

Should be fixed soon. - Feb 14 2006
It's the same Metacity theme that's included in the download. - Feb 13 2006
Thanks for the tips.

I'll alter my description now. - Feb 13 2006
Hmm, did you have any error installing the theme? It turns out I set the archive up wroing and it wasn't overwriting the old theme. (re-uploaded now though)

If not, have you tried killing gnome-panel and nautilus? That got me a few times. - Feb 13 2006
Maybe. I have all my fonts set to size 8 with the window title in bold.

96 DPI. Smoothing is set at Grayscale. Hinting is set at None. Subpixel order is at RGB. - Feb 13 2006
Thanks for all the feedback. :D

I've made most of the changes in the updated version. I'm still trying to get the prelight on the menubars to actually work, though. - Feb 13 2006
The font is called Calibri, information on downloading it can be found here.. - Feb 13 2006
Thanks. - Feb 13 2006
Thank you for the feedback. I'll start sorting those things out A.S.A.P.

I don't quite understand what you mean about the default button sizes though. :S - Feb 13 2006

It's one of four. - Feb 12 2006