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Amiga OSX

Full Icon Themes by lordvecna 14 comments

Very strange.. I personally made some of these icons but have never published them so not sure how they got here. I never got around to completely finishing the theme but perhaps I should upload it anyway as it is much more complete
- Oct 20 2018
I have added 3 other themes in the Amiga Computer style, as well as optimized menu locations and some colors. All 4 themes are included in the archive here,
- Mar 27 2018
Fortune - BURG Theme

GRUB Themes by OrphanShadow 32 comments

Hey are you active at all? Looking to modify this theme but need to move the operating system selector on the screen, not sure how to go about it.
- Dec 17 2017
Certainly is. Did you have something in mind? I waa just going with the classic workbench 1.3 look. It can be changed. - Dec 06 2017

Beryl/Emerald Themes by PrismaDigitale 4 comments

Been trying to add a menu icon with no luck. Very interested in the distro, wondering the status?? Hope to hear back from you about adding a menu icon (boing ball) - Apr 09 2017