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Marcin K , Poland
Plasma Themes

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Feb 14 2010
I like your plasma theme very much.I was thinking about something similar, but you're first... - May 20 2008

Plasma 4 Extensions 42 comments

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Jun 05 2008
Finally! OS X-like dock for kde4! I have to install it! - Apr 07 2008

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Jul 11 2008
OK, now it works! But I don't know, why old screenshots on this page came back... - Apr 02 2008
Because I haven't updated the archive yet...:(. I don't know, what's wrong, but I tried to upload the archive with new version several times, and it didn't work.So, the archive you've downloaded is the archive with version 0.1. I'll try upload my theme later, or I will publish it on external server. - Apr 02 2008
I have this problem too... Perhaps I know, why we can't se my plasma theme in the theme chooser. I haven't created metadata.desktop file in the theme folder. All themes on have this file, so i think that therefore they are visible in the chooser. But I'm going to update Ozone in a few days, with that file an many more functions and improvements. Plasma theme contest motivates! - Mar 29 2008