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Red Angry Amarok Icon

Icon Sub-Sets 2 comments

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May 08 2008
reminds me of the symbol for the 80's cartoon thundercats ;) - May 08 2008

KDE 3.5 Themes 347 comments

by PaT
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Oct 01 2007
figured this beastie out.

check to see if the KDEDIRS export is up to spec. if it isnt, for some reason only root will see the styles and similar... - Oct 03 2007
same issue here so help would be nice.

all files appear to be in the right places. - Jul 24 2007

System Software 14 comments

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Jan 08 2006
forget it, i found that konqueror has a "file size view" that basically does what kdirstat does, and with much better results. - Aug 14 2007
either its me reading the ui wrong or the ui is reporting size wrong.

i run it on my home dir and get 669MB used. but when i rightclick in konqueror and select properties i get 2,4 GB used.

so whats going on? - Aug 14 2007