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Jun 20 2013
The Separator applet could use some styling too. It's just a plain white vertical line spanning the entire height of the panel. - Jul 21 2013
I just upgraded to Nautilus 3.8.2 and the problem has gone away in Gnome Shell, but if I use Metacity + Gnome Panel (e.g. Fallback mode, without Gnome Shell) the background is still blank. That might possibly still be a theming issue.

Have you looked at the theme while running Metacity and Gnome Panel? Some parts of Gnome Panel styling are still funky. For example, the shortcut icons (Application Launcher applets) are spaced too far apart, the System Monitor applet has white borders that clash with the theme, and the Menu Bar applet is less tall than the panel which leaves some unwanted empty space (only 1px in my case, but some users change their panel height). Adding some hover styling to the Window List would be nice too (right now it's just static). (a large number of us still prefer Gnome Panel over Gnome Shell, so those details are important). Other than that, your theme is very nice. Great work!

The background issue seems to be theme-related based on these couple of Arch Linux forum threads:


  • When using Compiz, the background shows animation trails, which may or may not be related (more likely not, but maybe a styling fix will cause the background to render). - Jul 21 2013
    Hi, you forgot an important detail about Gnome 3.8: The nautilus background needs to be styled transparent or else people who use this theme in Gnome 3.8 with Nautilus managing the desktop won't see any desktop background. - Jul 21 2013
    Zukitwo Hybrid

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    Nov 26 2011
    Where can I get the official Zukitwo Dark GTK theme? - Dec 13 2012
    Wallpaper Clock Screenlet

    Conky 73 comments

    by Whise
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    May 20 2008
    Hey, can anyone tell me how to actually make this work?

    I'm in Arch Linux by the way. :) - Jun 10 2010
    Clock Ring Screenlet

    Conky 17 comments

    by ashy
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    Mar 22 2008
    Hey Ashy, Super nice screenlet! I love this way more than a regular clock. Rated good :D

    Hey, by any chance do you know where in the filesystem are individual screenlet settings stored?

    I have found a glitch where if you rotate the Compiz cube while in screenlet mode then the screenlets get pushed waaaaaay off the screen and you can never see them!

    It seems the x/y coordinates got modified as if while dragging the Compiz cube i was dragging the screenlets! - Jun 10 2010

    GTK3 Themes
    by lassekongo83

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    Mar 29 2013

    GTK3 Themes
    by lassekongo83

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    9   Mar 29 2013