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Steven Keck Banning, CA, United States of America
>>"The only thing I dont know how to manage is to make conky not to dissappear from desktop if it is set up to start on start-up."

I had that same problem, caused by Conky starting before Compiz-Fusion. Try starting Conky with a script that will delay it starting until after CF is finished loading. Try:

sleep 15 && conky;

then run in terminal: chmod +x

- Aug 08 2008
Shuffle Conky Script

Conky by truckerbomb 2 comments

Thanks nivada,

I think you better ask ottlux about that moon clock, because that's either a widget of some sort, or it's way beyond my skill level. I don't know of any way to make Conky display images. - Aug 06 2008