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Vista Wow!

Wallpaper Other by Leobold 23 comments

I think all you guys are hung up on the Windows aspect of it that you didn't look at the contents of the windows in the background!

It's a joke!

- Feb 12 2007

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by domine 63 comments

After removing the ";" as indicated in the above message, I noticed a few other probelems while using this application.

1. The Activated flag partially works...When clicking on the icon to download all active comics, it works fine downloading only the active comics. However, when you right-click to get the individual list of comics, the corresponding comic in the master list is downloaded regardless of what your smaller list says.

For instance, if you deactivate a number of comics, and you want to individually download the comic that is third in your list, you will get "Calvin and Hobbes" instead, since it is third in the master list.

2. When running komics in the system-tray, clicking on the icon doesn't work, and this error is spit out:
QButton::setState() / setOn: (unnamed) Only toggle buttons may be switched

The only way to get comics when in systray operation is to download them see problem #1. - Dec 08 2004